Which reptile is right 4 me?


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Oct 17, 2019
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Hey all,
looking to get a reptile in the near future and wondering what is the easiest for beginners - I'm tossing up between a bearded dragon, or some sort of snake. Not incredibly well versed however so I am open suggestion!
I want to be able to handle my baby to some extent (but also have no intention of forcing that, just something to keep in mind in terms of what I'm looking for).
Also don't have copious amounts of money - is a snake or a lizard going to be more expensive? In regards to long term care, feeding etc. (Excluding initial set up costs, which I'm prepared to have set me back a pretty penny).
Also just, is it easier to have a lizard or a snake! I've heard a snake is a lot lower maintenance bc it feeds only once or twice a week.
I've done a fair bit of research on beardies and think thats what direction I want to go but looking for more experienced opinions :)


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Jun 28, 2004
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A snake or Beardy is as cheap or expensive as you want it to be. Different people have different affinities for different things, but as long as you get a good feeder, a snake is easier and definitely lower maintenance. I feed my adult snakes between 5 and 20 times per year. Ideally you'll feed Beardies daily.

As far as handling goes I'd suggest a dog or girlfriend, they'll enjoy it rather than tolerating it and if you're anything like me you will enjoy it more too, but if you must get a reptile to handle, between a snake and Beardy I'd choose the lizard. Having said that, most pythons tolerate handling pretty well, so often to the point that keepers manage to.delude themselves into thinking their unrequited love is mutual. Beardies are fun to play with. When I was a bit (lot?) younger I used to have fun throwing mealworms to the opposite end of the lounge room for a Beardy, then dropping one at my feet so it would race back to me, and so on. The lizard possibly did even enjoy that.

If you need to go away for a couple of weeks during summer it's a bit like skipping breakfast for a python (or not even that for an adult), but for a Beady you'll need to organise a carer. In winter it's fine for either - they both go months without eating or doing much.

Mostly I'd suggest playing with both and just seeing which appeals to you most.

Or, hey, take a tip from the cute little taco girl.
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