White Lipped Whip Snakes breeding more than they should?

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Feb 19, 2021
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I have 2 breeding adult White Lips, I keep 4 specimens (3 adults, one juvenile) cohabbed in a communal habitat. My wild caught female (unknown age) recently gave birth to 5 after my captive born male (1 years old) mated with her.
Within days of her giving birth, he immediately started attempting to breed with her again. This went on for weeks of him following her around and attempting to mate, only stopping for food.

I've had a couple of people complain to me that I'm overbreeding them, because in the official Tasmanian Wildlife page, they say; "they may only breed once every two years in the wild." However I haven't found anything about how often they breed in captive conditions due to how few people keep these animals.
So for now, I've moved her into a smaller temporary enclosure away from him until I can get a better understanding of what I should be doing.

Is it normal for these snakes to continue to attempt to breed immediately after birth, or do I need to physically keep them separate until next year?
Also, she has been eating a lot, and has regained all the visible weight she lost from the pregnancy. In other words she seems to be fine.


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Jun 28, 2004
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'May' only breed every two years in the wild. In good times they'll easily breed every year.

As you're getting at, in captivity we have the ability to make every year a good year for them.

If there's one thing the reptile scene has no shortage of, it's people willing and often desperate to give you misinformation or bad advice.

Wild snakes certainly usually have the opportunity to find willing males and will breed when ready. You will probably find that at this time of year matings won't result in successful breeding anyway. Livebearers very rarely multilitter. If they all seem happy together I wouldn't worry, although I generally wouldn't house snakes communally. other than for mating. Ultimately, your snakes your choice, and I certainly wouldn't discourage anyone from producing more White-lipped Snakes, I think they're fantastic little critters and I'm a little envious that you have the opportunity to keep them so easily. I haven't seen any available on the mainland for the best part of 20 years and even if I could get my hands on some the only room I could keep them in these days would be too warm for them.