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Jul 28, 2019
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Melbourne, Victoria
I recently got some woodies and notice a lot of them are dying. I think poor ventilation is a cause. The lid has a bunch of small holes, I have fly screen now and plan to cut the middle bit out but I don’t know what’s best to use to adhere the screen to the lid. Is aquarium silicone a good option? Because I have some available. If so what do I do with the remaining woodies? can I just feed them off and start a new colony rather than finding a temporary tub they can stay in without them escaping?


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Sep 20, 2009
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Poor ventilation is 1 cause of dying out among woodies but another cause is feeding too much wet food. Something most people don't realize is they can and do survive with very little wet food. I learnt the hard way when I sent some to a friend, most died on the way because I put a chunk of carrot to keep them hydrated on the journey. They not only gorged on the carrot but drowned in the acidic urine . He has since educated me about keeping woodies and now I have very little die off. Feed them lot's of dog biscuits or similar but keep wet food to a minimum.
Some people use a hot glue gun to stick the fly screen on, but I went all out and bought some fly screen frames and screwed them to the lid.
Feed them off if you want or just put them in a tub with fluon around the top to stop them escaping.
If you use the silcone,make sure they are not in the tub because fumes will kill them, silicone is fine to use but fumes take about a week to dissipate .