Worried about my spotted python



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Apr 2, 2021
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Our spotted python has had what's looked like a dent on the top of his head recently. It didn't seem to be bothering him and wasn't a open wound etc so we've just been keeping an eye on it. He started a shed yesterday and we've woken up this morning to a little bit of shed stuck where the dent was and possibly an open wound? Any ideas what it could be? Or what we could do to help him? We live in a small country town over an hour drive away from a vets and as its currently good friday no vet is open for atleast another few days.



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Mar 23, 2020
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If he's shedding - I think he's been rubbing his head in preparation for it. So this is likely to be a piece of stuck skin and I wouldn't worry too much. I would just give him a bath with a face washer/soft cloth. Make sure it's a nice temperature for him - just like a baby bath. Use the cloth to gently wash/brush over any retained skin. My little guy had an incomplete shed twice, and seemed to like it when I helped to remove the rest of it for him.

He may want to be left alone for a day or two afterwards.

If it happens regularly, you may need to adjust the humidity in his enclosure - even just a spray bottle will help. And make sure that his water dish is big enough for him to get in and have a good swim. He'll also need something to rub against - so if there isn't anything rough in his enclosure, add something to help him with the loosening of the skin so he can get it off more easily.

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