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Mar 30, 2015
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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, Australia
Listed George a few weeks back, had a buyer that pulled out, lack of funds. So here we ( George & I ) again.

Purchased George in October 2020 ( George of The Jungle lol ) from a breeder in Tingalpa. He's a special breed of Python with an unusual colour pattern. He was about 6 months old so now approximately 2 years old. At the time he was 70 mm in length. Now about 1.4/1,5 metres long.

I paid $900-00 for him. That was nearly a 50% discount from Breeder as he was relocating. A mutual friend recommended me, hence the discount.

I am asking $950-00 for George.

He is housed in a Reptile One Vivarium with a matching cabinet which was about $1,000-00 new. Vivarium dimensions 1.2 metres long X 1.2 metres high X .6 metres deep. Cabinet dimensions 1.20 metres wide X 0.65 meters high X .6 meters deep.

I am asking $600-00 for Vivarium and Cabinet.

Willing to sell both together as a package or separate.

Also, I have a Thermal Heating Ceramic Heater with Fluorescent UV Light and Temperature/Light Timer. Plus, scenery etc paid Approximately $1,000-00 all available for $550-00.

You will need a Licence which is easy to get.

George is now a grown boy and has grown into a very beautiful snake.

I'm reluctantly selling him as I am now a Shift worker, and I don't get much time with him. I used to be able to handle him with no problems but since I haven't paid him much attention, he tends to strike out at me.

If you would like to own a unique and beautiful snake, please contact me.


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