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liasis olivaceus

  1. CameronWright

    VIC Black headed python and olive python

    I am after a male adult bhp bigger the better, And a female olive python around 18months old Cheers cam Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. No-two

    Pretty olive python.

    Thought I'd share a photo of these pretty pythons.
  3. Varanoidea

    What got you into reptiles?

    Curious to see how everyone ended up with scalies in their house and at what age. :) For me it is how ancient and different they are, and how successful they have been over millions of years.
  4. S

    VIC Olive Python + Enclosure For Sale

    Hi Guys, I have a Olive python for sale with enclosure, Olive is a female 10ft in sizes eats very well and is very good to handle, she does have some scars on her, which are slowly going away with each shed. She is in a 6ft x 2ft x 2ft enclosure, which has thermostat, heat light and UV light...
  5. pyalda

    olive python too psychotic to tame

    howdie ho everybody i recently bought an female olive python, appears to be 7-9 foot (cant make sure since i cant hold it). i love olive pythons and always wanted to own one...but this olive is psychotic, and by psychotic i mean... strikes the glass several times while standing near the...
  6. StellaDoore

    Weird white patches on olive's belly

    My olive python recently shed, and it was a bit problematic (shed belly and sides, but not back) so I soaked her and got the rest off no problem. I've only just notices, but she has white patches on her belly scales, near the edges. In close proximity to the white is a light pink shade, which is...
  7. S

    QLD Olive Python and Large enclosure

    Species Common Name Age 2 1/2 Length 6 foot Quantity Available 1 Bred By SXR General Description Location Fraser coast hervey bay Willing to Freight? No Contact Details 0477290655 License Number (Required for NSW and SA Sellers) Other Details Shes a beautiful girl with a...
  8. R

    NSW Albino Olive Python

    Species Common Name Albino olive python Age 18months Length 4.5 foot Quantity Available 1 Bred By Snake Ranch General Description this male albino olive is a very placid Pyhton and a great feeder, not a mark or scare on him and sheds great every time, hasnt been over fead and always...
  9. D

    the ultimate python

    hi guys, new to the forum, need some help i have a 3yr old carpet coastal and its time to treat myself to a new snake. But i want something special, im not up with the current stuff, so i would like some advice. lets say a budget of $1000-$10000 im patrial to yellow and white and yellow and...
  10. D

    Could a bhp eat/kill an 8 kg dog?

    Hi guys. I've been offered a hatchy bhp but I have an 8 kg fox terrier type inside dog & I have a fear that needs perspective because she is my world, apart from being a very valuable specimen. I have a cat about the same size too but he's welcome to become snake lunch :lol: We all know how bhps...
  11. J

    Albino Olive Python hatchlings $5,000 each

    Hey guys, being in Darwin I have a great opportunity to see some rare or not very commonly kept captive reptiles. Fortunately I have been given the opportunity to purchase a "rare" or not so common albino Olive python hatchling this coming breeding season. My question is is the asking price of...
  12. M

    New owner with feeding issue!

    Hi all. As I've stated I'm a new owner to a olive python(I know there not a small snake), I know a bit about snakes as a friend of mine has a few of them that I'm always playing with and asking him questions about. But my problem is I have an olive that's around 6 months old and doesn't eat by...
  13. PilbaraPythons

    Who attended the W.A Expo?

    Who here who doesn't live in W.A attended the first W.A Herp expo? Not too many I would think. They tel lme the numbers through the door were close to 10 000 people so quite a success I think.
  14. J

    Positive feedback on how I house my Olive & Woma hatchlings.

    Hey guys, I haven't been on here for a while, I have been quiet for a bit and while I have been off I now have a Woma and Olive python. You may remember me from here. http://www.aussiepythons.com/forum/general-reptile-discussion-42/2-snakes-dead-night-203931/ Anyway, I have done a fair bit of...
  15. D

    Top End Olive Python

    Hi All, I thought you might like to see the photos I took of my mate Paul Arnold moving a nice Olive Python to safety yesterday. Paul is a very well known bush photographer here in the Top End and is probably the next Steve Irwin going by these photo :)
  16. thewestler

    NSW Eoi olive python 100% het male and woma

    Species Common Name 100% het olive python 8 month old male woma python 2yr old male Age olive- 8 months woma- 2 years Length Olive- 80cm woma- 1.1m Quantity Available 2 Bred By General Description Both snakes are up for sale as they were both sold to me as females but recent probing...
  17. B

    our new little olive python

    i thought i would post some photos of our new little girl martini we picked her up yesterday she is 6 months old and a little cage defensive and a bit feisty for the first five minutes of handling but then settles down to a little sweet heart. hop you enjoy waited a few years to get an olive
  18. Varanoidea

    Am I doing something wrong?

    Hi, I've had my new 4/5 month old beardie for a week now and yesterday and today he has been off his food and sleeping seemingly 24/7. Sometimes if I disturb him he goes into a sporadic state of looking around really fast (sometimes tripping himself over) and being generally agitated. He was...
  19. F


    A couple more of these magnificient animals have been found. Gavin Bedford should be very happy.
  20. troycoop

    Gold Coast Reptile Expo 2013

    Hi All It's that time of year again for the 4th annual Gold Coast Reptile Expo . The dates this year are July 13th & 14th. It would be great to get more private collectors to come and show off what they have. All private displays are free of charge. It will be held at parklands showgrounds...
  21. C

    Winter cooling period

    hi all, i have a jungle python and i am unsure of what to do during winter as i have only owned a reptile since late december. any tips on feeding, temperature and Humidity would be very helpful to a newbie such as myself. cheers guys :)
  22. C

    SA Olive Python

    Species Common Name Olive Python Age 4 years old Length 8 ft Quantity Available One Bred By General Information Good handler, has never bitten and not cage defensive as he has been handled regularly. Sheds and eats wothout problems. Ready to be cooled for breeding...
  23. Trev.2530

    Patiently help a newbie - Olive Python behaviour ?

    on the subject of stubid newbie questions I may be asking for trouble but I have a male olive python 2.5yrs old and over 2metres long very healthy good feeder and great handler... now it has never bitten or constricted or even tried... until 2 months ago. I have watched him and he seems to...
  24. D

    NSW Olive python

    After an olive hatchy nothing special just a pet. Will only travel 2 hour to pick up. I live at port Macquarie
  25. davobmx

    Classic "I Knew a Guy" Stories. share your best

    been a few threads before but feel like a fresh one, share your best "i know a guy" stories. keep them short blunt and hilarious. heres mine. had a guy post on one of my facebook pics of my carpet saying, "awesome snake, i know a guy trying to sell a boa constrictor for $200 cause it wont eat...
  26. Dave_litzow

    NT Pair of olive pythons

    Species Common Name olive python Age 3 & 3 Length 1.5 Quantity Available 1 pair Bred By General Description This pair of olive python are not ill tempered but can be quiet cage defensive and have a strong food response. These snakes were intended breeders for next season but I have...
  27. DomsBoots


    Hi, I've been browsing here for a while but only joined up yesterday. I'm studying Captive Animals at Tafe in Queensland, staying on site with a woman who has a demonstrator license and learning to care for a variety of animals, my favorite being the reptiles. What I am currently looking after...
  28. Porkbones

    I want one of these

    there really are some great looking snakes around.this would be 1 of many on my wish list. So dont be shy and show us what would be some of the stuff on ur wish list
  29. T

    For those who keep feed records

    Just wondering for those who keep feed records. Say you've gone to one pet shop/breeder but for whatever reason had to switch to another. When you make a purchase/keep a feed record... Do you go by the label on the Rat or the weight? I'm asking this because I've recently done a switch from one...
  30. burkey

    Did people evolve the fear of snakes?

    Evolution Of Aversion: Why Even Children Are Fearful Of Snakes Hey guys, was browsing around today and found this, it's an article about how the fear of snakes, spiders etc, may have evolved over time. The fear arose as a way for early humans to detect snakes easier. I think I read somewhere...
  31. montysrainbow

    Dont be so harsh on newbies....

    Im pretty much one myself as u all know. I have seen a few comments directed at newbies that makes me feel :( people are simply trying to learn more and share their experience and love of reptiles. Also some newbies have loved reptiles all their life! however didn't get their 1st until...
  32. S

    My Big Olive Girl

    Hi I have a small question in regards to my Olive python. She is just over 2 years o;d and is near on 9ft and 1.6kg long i feed her every 2-3 weeks a large rat 250g or an adult quail. Is this a normal size for a 2 year old olive and i understand snake grow at different pace but it just seem to...
  33. Zeusy

    Here we go again...another DIY enclosure thread

    Hey all, well, i've decided to start constructing my hatchies full enclosure now so it'll be ready by the time he's big enough to move in. I'm thinking of going for a 1200mm(L)x 1200mm(H)x 900mm(D) enclosure. Is that too big? Would 600mm (D) be fine? I'm trying to work out heating arrangements...
  34. Womagaunt

    Olive Python on R1 for Nsw reptile keepers?

    Was just looking through the current species list for Nsw reptile keepers licences and saw the Olive pythons are on R1 companion, now i dont know about you but i thought that a python that can grow upto 13-foot would have to be altleast on R2 or R3, so that it being on R1 would mean that a...
  35. TheReptileben

    snake ID Darwin

    my friend sent me this what could it be sorry for bad photos.
  36. M

    Hi everyone!

    I'm gonna start building a cage for a new snake to buy, I've owned a carpet python and currently own a stimsons and would like to own an olive python. The cage will be roughly 1500x500x500 so it won't be small, where I am I'm 80% sure there is no breeders only a pet store which have limited...
  37. G

    NSW code of practice about to be released

    THE COP has been finalised and is being implemented now to private keepers. Cage sizes become law now. This was taken from an internal memo about reptiles in pet shops: "People who keep pet reptiles under an Animal Keepers Licence or Companion Animal Licence are now required to comply...
  38. JackTheHerper

    Touchy Subject

    Thoughts on BSL? Fair or not.
  39. montysrainbow

    The vent thread.....feel free to whinge, sigh or brag!

    lol i LOVE the describe your words in 3 days thread but lets face it its hard to do with just 3 words! SO i thought i would start this one and have it a free for all lol a place for people to get things off their chest or share their excitment! whatever you like I will pop my head in later...
  40. n3xia

    Snake cannibalism

    Have any of you seen snake cannibalism in the wild? It doesn't seem to be common knowledge, but I have seen footage of two separate incidences of a children's python trying to eat another snake - both were bigger than the childreni. The local newspaper here has also published a few photos of...
  41. M

    Worm segment or weird sperm plug

    I posted about my male carpet losing weight, not eating and having runny poos. Well twice now I've found this in his poops. He's been away from the girls about three weeks now and one laid a clutch others gravid. So could it be a sperm plug? It didn't seem like one. Or do you think its a...
  42. Trev.2530

    G'Day everyone!

    im new to the whole reptile scene. i purchased an olive python in october last year, and have an awfully lot to learn so any advice or help would be appreciated. my python is 2.5yr old male of between 2 - 2.5 metres long. I also hope to start a collection of other reptiles slowly as i can...
  43. Leeloofluff

    QLD Rough scale and olive python

    Species Common Name Rough scale pythonOlive pythonAge Both under 1 year Quantity Available One of each Olive is $350 and a femaleRsp is male and $400Bred By olive by sxr, roughie by david evansGeneral Description Unfortunently i have to sell a few snakes, as i need to buy a car. These two are...
  44. Leeloofluff

    QLD Rough scale and olive python

    Species Common Name Rough scale python Olive python Age Both under 1 year Quantity Available One of each Bred By olive by sxr, roughie by david evans General Description Unfortunently i have to sell a few snakes, as i need to buy a car. These two are awesomw animals...
  45. Amberoo

    First bite from my olive!! Pictures attached!!

    Hey all, So, for my birthday about a month ago I had a fancy dress party. Once most people had arrived I decided to get my 2 and a half metre Olive Python out to show off (as ya do). I opened up her enclosure and let her slither out onto me, nothing unusual. I've had her for 5 years and she has...
  46. Wombok

    Cane Toads.

    Just thought I'd share a few pictures of this cane toad that comes into the laundry and eats our cat food every night. My mum insisted she held it. So I was like. "YES, AND I'LL TAKE PICTURES."- Over enthusiasm. Anyway, here they are. Oh, and by the way, we don't kill them, as my family have...
  47. Varanoidea

    Hi from Ashtonfield

    Hello everyone! I used to own a 9ft Olive Python by the name of Oliver (creative, right? I was 11 at the time >.<) but recently I had to sell him due to family divorcing issues. :( I am 17 years old now and doing animal studies certificate 2 at Tafe and my dream is to be a keeper in the reptile...
  48. Nephrurus

    2012: A year in review (warning: massive self indulgent post)

    I've seen a few "herping 2012" around the joint so I decided to put this together over the last few weeks when I've had spare time. I don't post much anymore, but I do put stuff on flickr. I just fail to use it in posts. I do enjoy putting threads together- so humour me. The last year is now...
  49. Darlyn

    I like a big bulge

    A good feed and no animosity, good story. Plus it went national, slow news day. Python eats pet galah for breakfast in Northern Territory backyard | News.com.au
  50. Roughie

    3 lost pythons found on the Central Coast.

    Hi, I catch snakes with a Wildlife group and I've been finding alot of pythons that appear to look like Coastal Carpet pythons. As Diamond pythons are the only pythons I should be finding around the Central Coast area, I need to track down the original owners for these 3 snakes so I can return...