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liasis olivaceus

  1. ReptileMad_98

    What is your favourite Australian reptile?

    Ill start off, either the olive python or the inland taipan :D.
  2. Pineapplekitten

    QLD 100% het olive python breeding male

    Species Common Name Olive Python 100% het Age 4 Length 6ft Quantity Available 1 Bred By Trueblue bought from roy pails.. General Description Proven breeding male Location North Brisbane Willing to Freight? yes Contact Details PM License Number (Required for NSW and SA Sellers)...
  3. clopo

    More of Mount Isa

    Ill start from last night and go backwards a few weeks. First up last night was a young Olive python. Olive Python by R. Francis, on Flickr I then found a DOR black headed python which i was disapointed about as i really wanted to see one. I then came across this little mulga snake...
  4. luv-my-snakey

    fussy olive

    Hi everyone I'm writing because I have an olive python who is driving me crazy because he will only eat quail, I have tried to feed him rats but he is totally uninterested.. I really want him on rats though because I don't think he is growing as much as he should be :-( I am annoyed because I...
  5. PieBald

    Pilbara olive python

    I was just wondering how common pilbara olive pythons are. I saw 1 on another site for sale.
  6. IceWhiteFreak

    Forever Alone thread

    Iv had a Facebook with 2000 friends on it for a long time and decided I wanted to change the name, so recently I made a new one with 5 friends and the new name with the intentions of added heaps of people and being alpha as (with the new name etc) But iv come to like being alone, I don't have to...
  7. D

    Herping 2012

    Last year I looked for snakes and lizards. I found some. Cairns Dry Season Morelia kinghorni by J. Kelk, on Flickr Morelia kinghorni by J. Kelk, on Flickr Morelia kinghorni by J. Kelk, on Flickr Junguy by J. Kelk, on Flickr Stegonotus cucullatus by J. Kelk, on Flickr Lepidodactylus...
  8. R

    Types of Albinos.

    Hi guys! I'm just woundering the types of Albinos we can keep here in Australia?
  9. E

    SA for sale 100% het olive python male adult. ready to breed this season

    Species Common Name olive python Age 3 Length 6 foot Quantity Available just him Bred By purchased from URS as a yearling General Description great feeder. bit snappy in tank but fine once out. perfect health. defiantly ready to breed this year. only selling as we are cutting...
  10. Pineapplekitten

    QLD Female Olive Python, proven breeder

    Species Common Name Olive Python Age 5 Quantity Available 1 General Description Breeding adult female olive python.. Really good to handle has never bitten or even struck out other then feeding.. very healthy, feeds and sheds perfectly.. she bred for the first time 2012 with 14 eggs no...
  11. Pineapplekitten

    QLD 50% Het olive python hatchies

    Species Common Name Olive python Age hatched 24-29th december Quantity Available 5 Bred By Me General Description 50% Het for albino olive python hatchlings, males and females available, have fed and shed at least once, big healthy bubs. General hatchie temperament.. Location North...
  12. Trouble

    Bit of an update :)

    Hey everyone, It's been a while since I've been on here - I've been out living my life, my new 2nd chance at life :) I thought I would give a bit of an update on my collection! I now have 3 spotted pythons, one of those being the offspring from the clutch of my first breeding of spotteds. 2...
  13. smileysnake

    how big is yours

    gday i know this has been done somewhere before...oh well im bored...so i managed to get a proper measurement of smiley my bredli,i have just seen an add for yearling bredli 60-70cm long 1 year old,well going on that mine is going to be a monster cos smiley turns 1 on saturday the 26/01/13 and...
  14. SteveNT

    Ess makes a move

    Young Ess was outgrowing his enclosure and I had a bigger one handy so the move was on. He decided not to relinquish his grip on his favourite bit of mangrove wood (with a thousand easy to grab holes in it.) So I transported him to the new digs holus bolus. Once in he was on patrol and gave...
  15. PieBald

    What do you think?

    I was just watching bear grylls where he came to Australia and in a 'survival' situation he thought it was ok to eat a very young olive python. He said the best way to eat it was to keep it alive. He head pinned it until night time. To kill it he slammed it's head avaunt the rock face. What do...
  16. SarahScales

    Where do all the old snakes go?

    It's a thought that has been bugging me for quite a while so I thought I would put it to the forum. You see plenty of 1-4 year old snakes around, plenty in the sales and picture threads. But what happens to all of the older models? These captive bred animals are meant to be able to survive 15...
  17. TheJoyces

    One Super Snake

    This may seem a little random, however my husband and I were discussing different breeds of snakes last night, from the most prettiest vens to some of the largest boas. Then it got us into a discussion of one super snake. Which got me thinking. If you could pick only THREE breeds to make ONE...
  18. Morgieo

    I've got the fever.....

    So it has been 4 months since my first Snake purchase..... and now I have the fever..... I have 2 yearlings atm a bredli that handles like a dream; and Diamond who tries to rip my fingers off....), but am very much thinking of getting something a little older, 4 or 5 years old.... Havent...
  19. RiPPle

    NSW Need Them Gone

    Species Common Name Various Age Various Length Various Quantity Available 9 Bred By General Description I am now selling my entire collection. they will be fairly cheap as i need them gone. 1x Male Proserpine Coastal Carpet, approx. 8 months old. Can be skittish at times but usually...
  20. J

    Diamond pythons in America $2000

    I know the video was posted in 2010 but i find it interesting to see how much overseas collectors pay for Aussie Reptiles. Also see if you can pick up on the mistake in the video for a bit of fun. THE REAL DEAL 100 % DIAMOND PYTHONS! - YouTube
  21. N

    Paradox info please.

    Hi all im new too herping and stumbled upon a paradox and am in aww of this snake!. Anyhooo my questions are are they only found in albino darwin or can they be found in any species?. How much are they and wear can you get one? Thanks Shonnie xx
  22. V


    Hi, I'm Nicola from Italy :D I'm here to learn more about australian reptiles (not very common here, whit the exception of beardies :D) and specially about australian monitor lizards (unfortunately we can't keep them here, like others monitor lizards). thank you and sorry for my bad english :D
  23. GeckPhotographer

    A couple of recent herping photos part 2 of 2.

    So recently I've been doing a bit of herping here and there. My aim for herping this year was to get my list of species of Australian reptiles seen (and positively ID'd) to 200 species. Having completed this earlier this year (in a thread yet to be posted), I decided to head to Qld with some...
  24. rikkiv5

    Albino Olive Pythons

    Can anyone please give me any info on albino olives? I would like to start breeding them. I live in qld. Also I'm after a proven breeder female coastal carpet :)
  25. T

    Is this a good price for this?

    Is this a good price for this? I'm thinking if getting one! Olive python hatchlings -NSW - $300 ​No non sponsor links thanks -SniperCap
  26. M

    Feeding time

    Funny but my water python bella and my olive python Oscar were both on their basking shelves and both did the same thing when I offered their rat both lunged at the rat and fell off their perch but coiled straight around the thawed rat upside down. It was like a dog playing fetch with a stick...
  27. T

    QLD Male Olive python breeder

    Male olive python of breeding age
  28. I

    G'day all!

    Hi all, I'm Clint from Melbourne. I'm new here so just thought id say hi. I've been keeping snakes for about 12 months after wanting one for nearly 20 years. I currently have 3 jungle pythons, a diamond python and an olive python. Next on the list is an albino Darwin pair. I'm hoping to have a...
  29. Vikingtimbo

    Any Terrifying Tales Anyone?

    Hi, I was looking for Tiger Snakes the other day (as I often do) and finally managed to accidentally step on one! I was incredibly lucky in that I seem to have stepped right on its neck, making a bite impossible. I found the snake again later and he seemed Ok as far as I can tell. I was being...
  30. Jaycw

    Olive & Bhp breeders

    Hey guys.... With that time of year coming up I'm wondering if any of you will be selling any olive or bhp hatchlings ? Would be interested in hearing from you if you do..... Also if anyone cares to point me in the right direction of any breeders that would also be helpful. thanks guys .
  31. M

    Sitting in water bowls

    Today was feed day at my place my water python I offered a rat and as usual when in she'd mode doesn't eat but my olive always eats Even if in she'd mode but olive shed yesterday today I changed the rock style water bowls and my water python even though she didn't eat today went straight in...
  32. Bananapeel

    Vic licence

    I'm just a bit confused as to whether or not I am eligible for a concession when buying a licence. I am 14 so obviously a concession but I don't have a concession health card like one shown on the DSE website. So student school cards, credit cards etc don't prove concession? or what's the deal.
  33. Endeavour

    Wild reptiles and education within Australian schools, is it adequate?

    Living in the UK this is not a subject that is covered within our schools. With the number of venomous snakes you have in Australia it got me thinking. How fully is the subject of safety addressed within your educational system?, does this depend on geographical area?, and do you think its...
  34. clopo

    A few recent pics from Mount Isa

    A V. tristis from today. Freckeled Monitor by R. Francis, on Flickr Freckeled Monitor by R. Francis, on Flickr Litoria rubella found next to the lake the other day after having a fish. Desert Tree Frog by R. Francis, on Flickr Amphibolorous gilberti found the same night as the rubella...
  35. Bananapeel

    Anyone used this?

    Just wondering if anyone has used the Habistat reptile radiator? and if so, is it any good? does it provide a decent basking spot? (for a woma) can it be used on timber or melamine? and how is it mounted? Sorry for the questions! i just came across it on the herpshop website and it looked...
  36. clopo

    The eyes are bigger than the stomach.

    Look what i found today... And it tried to eat this.
  37. pythoncrazy

    QLD olive python

    Species Common Name Olive python Age 4years Length 2500mm + Quantity Available ! only Bred By General Description Here I have a beautiful olive python friendly never bitten me great to handle. Location Brisbane Willing to Freight? No Contact Details Pm License Number...
  38. Fuscus

    I'm from the country and I know snakes - its a King Brown!

    "Oh golly gosh* he is going to tell me about all the snakes he killed" I thought. He then preceded to tell me about all the snakes he killed! BTW - it isn't a brown and has been safely released! * not my exact words.
  39. L

    Is my snake ok ? Please Look Video included

    i recently got this male olive python and noticed today that i has been acting diffrent it moved then frezes please let me know here is a video of it Is my snake ok? - YouTube
  40. Ssssnakes

    In Wall Enclosure

    Thought I'd post some info & pics on my in-wall enclosure as I had a few questions asked when I posted the pic on another thread. In my case, it's more of a "design it yourself" not "do it yourself" as I didn't really do much hands on stuff myself. Well, it all began when we were renovating the...
  41. Antonio_Esposito

    Olive Python...Male or Female..?

    Hi guys.....i know probing is the most accurate way of determining the sex but until then could you guys please let me know what you think with the following images. The breder said she was a female and it is now a yearling just 1 year i think or very close around 10-11 months old....its an...
  42. J

    breeding olive pythons

    Just wondering who has bred olives this season and what the purchase price roughly is? Also what size enclosure is ideal once they are fully grown? Thanks
  43. K

    Albino Olive Python

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has or knows of any Albino Olive Pythons for sale. Thanks for your time. Kevin.
  44. Rowie

    About to get my first snake/s

    So if all goes to plan, I should have a pair of jungles soon, but just have a couple of questions before I get them. As it stands, I work with snakes already so I'm used to handling them, though I did get tagged pretty good by a sub-adult jungle the other day due to careless feeding on my part...
  45. Slytherin00

    Enclosure Sizing

    Ok so my friend who has a couple of snakes, told me that when getting an enclosure for them e.g/ Fish Tank it only needs to be half of what the full grown lenth of the snake will be. I then did a quick google, most sites seem to reflect his opinion So like seeming I'll probably only be getting...
  46. M

    Woma Vs BHP- first snake

    Hey I'm looking at getting my first snake and would like you opinion on whether a SA woma or one of the bhp locales would make a better first snake? I would also love an olive but from what i can gather they are a little snappy when young and not the best idea as a first snake. Cheers Madders
  47. T

    QLD Alice springs male stimmo for olive hatchling

    Scientific Name Common Name Age 2 Sex male Size Quantity Available 1 Willing to Trade For olive python hatchling or other pythons Bred By General Description Location qld Willing to Freight? yep Contact Details 0432532627 PM HERE License Number (Required for NSW and...
  48. Rowie

    Hi all!

    Hi everyone! I'm Rowie, I live in the northern beaches of Cairns and I am finally starting to put things together to get my first snake! I grew up in snake country and have always loved them, maybe because I was born in the Snake, but probably because I'm used to having them around. I...
  49. Slytherin00

    Cairns Breeders

    Does anybody know of an snake breeders in cairns, im looking to get a hatchy, of either a Jungle, Black headed python or Childrens. It seems that cairns is in a real draught of breeders, and the more I read about buying from pet shops the more im going off the idea, So please please help if you can
  50. H

    stolen python

    hey guys just wondering if people around the hunter area could keep an eye and an ear out for an olive python that was stolen from my house last sunday in the kurri kurri area shes about 3 years old round about 8 feet long and obviously who ever took it knew what they were looking for because...