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rhynchoedura ornata

  1. D

    Darwin to the Kimberly

    Not too long ago, myself and my girlfried, CVHG, umped onto a pressuresed metal tube and flew 2848.54 km / 1538.09 nautical miles to the NT's night life crazy CBD, Darwin. We landed at midnight, with boots, camera equipment, a bag full of field guides and a sleeping bag each. My best...
  2. moloch05

    Broken Hill and Menindee, NSW. Mar 2014

    These are photos from a quick trip out to Broken Hill and Menindee in northwestern New South Wales. These areas are quite a distance from Canberra where I am currently working. I clocked over 3500 kms of driving in 4 days so I spent much of my time behind the steering wheel. As always, though...
  3. greeny1

    Outback NSW

    Recently I had the chance to head out to far western NSW for 2 weeks on a family holiday with my mum and dad and with a few suggestions of places to go to I managed to fill in a fair bit of herping in that time. Unfortunately the weather wasn't always in our favor with many windy days and cool...
  4. GeckPhotographer

    Awesome Winter Herping

    So it's winter. I hate winter. It's cold, wet, bleak and worst of all, all of the reptiles around me become inactive. Fortunately over the past couple weeks I managed to escape some of winter. These are some finds from the Simpson Desert of far western Qld. Disclaimer: It is is illegal to...
  5. L

    nyngan/cobar herping :)

    hi guys im thinking about saving abit of cash and heading out west to cobar for abit of herping in october any info on the best time of the year to go would be great :) Ive been to nyngan but never got to herp seen alot of beardies couldn't tell if they where central or eastern as i was in the...
  6. GeckPhotographer

    Recent Western Herping

    So a couple weekends back I finished a couple of large assignments and decided it would be a good opportunity to spend a couple weekends in a row herping. Yay! The first weekend I headed out to the Hunter Valley for a night, my parents were going to some bush dance out there, so I just tagged...
  7. Rocket

    Some SA herping...

    Just thought I'd show off some of the photos i've taken of local, SA herps over the past ten or so years. I am not a photographer - don't expect perfect photos. This is by far, not everything I have seen but these show some of the animals where I managed to have a camera (not a great one I might...
  8. richoman_3

    Herp trip to Western NSW

    me and a chicken made our way to Mungo National Park last week. Sitting in the car on the way got boring so we decided to open the windows and jump out in bendigo. With perfect landing we stumbled across this disgusting creature. Thick Tailed Gecko (Underwoodisaurus milii) by Nick Volpe, on...
  9. Chicken

    Beaked Gecko ID?

    Hi everyone, need an ID on this guy. Found at mungo national park NSW, in range of ornata, but according to a few people it may vary. Can anyone that has their hands on the papers showing the split of the beaked gecko into 6 species please confirm. Beaked gecko (Rhychoedura Ornata?) by Jlowe...
  10. Chicken

    Western NSW Herping

    Hi everyone, just finished a trip up to Mungo national park for 3 days. It was about an 8 hour drive from melbourne, the first night we stopped in Hattah NP for 1 night, which is 1 hour south of Mildura. Overall it was a good experience, i went with Richoman_3 (nick) on here. Once again...
  11. clopo

    Week in Longreach

    I went to Longreach this week for a conference on the Lake Eyre Basin, great conference with some big names from the scientific community. Including Angus Emmott and Arthur Georges from the reptile world. If anyone is interested hop on their facebook page and show your support for protecting the...
  12. braids

    Id please

    What is this one called?
  13. D

    NT & Qld herping trip - Alice Springs

    Continuing on from http://www.aussiepythons.com/forum/field-herping-reptile-studies-5373/nt-qld-herping-trip-western-155397/ After camping near the small border town of Camooweal, we left Queensland and entered the Northern Territory on the Barkley Tablelands, again targeting Speckled Browns...
  14. M

    SW QLD Herping Trip Part 3 - Geckos

    This is part 3 of our SW QLD herping trip, here I'll cover the geckos that we found. Eastern Stone Diplodactylus vitattus Unfortunatly the only one we found and without a tail. Bynoes Heteronotia binoei The most common gecko that we encountered and the colours/patterning varied from one...
  15. D

    Southwest Qld - Part 1, Snakes & Geckos

    In addition to Matt's post(s) here are some pictures that I got on this trip. I can't be bothered re-counting the number species of reptiles we found, but excluding all the various garden skinks, I think there was around 35-36? Majority of them being new to us, Matt can confirm that if he can be...
  16. Jasspa

    Help with Gecko ID

    Hi guys, Was wondering if someone could give me a second opinion on the species of gecko that I found a while back. I have ID'd it as a Main's Ground Gecko (Lucasium mainii), however I have never been 100% sure. I found her in Merredin area, Wheatbelt region of WA. Thanks guys!
  17. moloch05

    Trip to central western QLD, pt1

    I have just returned from a whirlwind trip through central western Queensland. This area is beautiful and supports a variety of habitats. I visited a number of sites ranging from the Mitchell Grass downs of Muttaburra/Aramac to the granite hills near Dajarra. I especially enjoyed the scenery...
  18. gecko-mad

    how much and who?

    hey guys i was wondering how much these geckos fetch for and if anybody breeds em? Diplodactylus byrnei - Gibber Gecko Diplodactylus conspicillatus - Fat-tailed Gecko Diplodactylus damaeus - Beaded Gecko Diplodactylus tessellatus - Tessellated Gecko Diplodactylus granariensis - Western Stone...
  19. F

    VIC WTB: Beaked geckos

    Scientific Name Rynchoedura ornatus Common Name Beaked gecko Age any Sex various Length any Quantity Available any Bred By anyone General Description I am in Melbourne and want to buy Beaked geckos, willing to pay freight cost Location Melbourne, Vic Willing...
  20. moloch05

    Pics from South Australia Trip 2 -- Broken Hill/Fowler's Gap

    On the way to/from South Australia, I camped near Fowler's Gap along the Broken Hill to Tibooburra road in far northwestern New South Wales. This area is about a 15 hour drive from Wollongong so it is a good place to spend the night. The habitat here is incredibly bleak with many gibber flats...
  21. moloch05

    Windorah, Queensland 1 -- Red dunes

    My son, Nicholas, and I have just returned from a quick trip out to Windorah, Queenlsand. Windorah is an isolated town in the channel country of the far southwestern corner of Queensland. This area is a long drive from Wollongong so we spent many hours in the car and traveled a little over...
  22. Macca

    West Qld 06

    Hey, finally a field forum on the site. These are some photos from a fairly recent herp trip around western Queensland. The habitat is mostly semi-arid. We spent 6 days on this trip, travelling 6500km, leaving from and returning to Sydney. A total of 55 herp species were found. The first...
  23. moloch05

    pics from Hamelin Pool (Shark Bay), WA

    Hamelin Pool is located at the southern end of Shark Bay and is not far west of the Coastal Highway. This site is best known for its stromatolites. These formations vaguely resemble coral but are produced by cyanobacteria. They are thought to be one of the earliest forms of life and were...
  24. moloch05

    pics from Mutawintji NP, NSW

    In October, 2006, I went on a quick trip to far western New South Wales. While there, I spent a couple of nights at Mutawintji National Park. This park is located north of the Barrier Highway between Wilcannia and Broken Hill. Mutawintji is a beautiful park that protects rugged gorges some of...
  25. Daniel_Penrith

    Gecko Id Please

    Hi found this little fella in a palm tree while cutting it down, i live in Western Sydney.....sorry about the krappy pic from my cam phone
  26. moloch05

    geckos from the channel country, QLD

    The dry habitats of southwestern Queensland are good for a variety of gecko species. We saw several species of these lizards on all of our night drives in November 2006 and October 2007. Fat-tailed Gecko (Diplodactylus conspicillatus This was my first Fat-tailed Gecko from eastern...
  27. smacdonald

    Pics from the Brigalow Belt, Queensland

    I headed out to the Brigalow Belt in Queensland to meet some friends of ours and see what cool critters we could find. I've been out to this particular spot a few times, but have never managed to see a De Vis' banded snake (Denisonia devisi), despite this area being well-known for this snake...
  28. ari

    New Addition - R. Ornata (Beaked Gecko)

    Received these almost a week ago now. They are classified more so as a termite specialists but for the past 5 days have only been feeding crix pinheads dusted with calcium powder. They are eating all pinheads fine and have already each had a shed.
  29. geckodan

    Geckos for sale

    Rynchoedura ornata hatchlings$100 each Diplodactylus conspicillatus hatchlings$90 each Strophurus williamsi $100 each Freight ok Pics supplied by email to genuine buyers.