Bearded dragon eggs

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help my beardy eggs are collapsing and are starting to turn a yellow color will they still hatch they have been in the incubator for 57 days now at 31degrees


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Im not master at breeding beardies but doesnt it take between 60-70 day for them to hatch, i heard somewhere that the eggs beguin to collapse when they are going to hatch? not sure but anyways i think they will be fine congratulations mate!


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They start to collapse on themselves when the hatchies are absorbing the last of the moisture from the eggs. Not sure about the colour of some of them, they may have been a touch too damp during incubation but it's about the right time, maybe a little early, for them to start dehydrating anyway so hopefully they're all okay :) Good luck! Baby beardies are just the cutest things :)
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