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Best beginner gecko's, skinks and monitors??


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I'm looking at acquiring some scaley babies but I have limited experience with most reptiles. I currently only have one blue tongue. I'm doing my own research of course but I was wondering if anyone could help me with some first hand experience and guidance on some good beginner reptiles!

Currently, I want to invest in getting a ridge tail, thick tailed and marbled geckos, and/or some kinds of small skinks. However any other suggestions will be taken into account too :)

I'd also appreciate what kind of brands of heat/light globes to get or avoid, same goes for substrate and food, types of enclosures for which reptile, etc. etc. any and all advice will be very much appreciated, I want to provide the best quality care for any reptile I want to home :) for added context I live in VIC.

Thank you!
I would say your first port of call would be to address what you are after in the animal. As in, are you after something interactive? Are you after a handler? Or just a nice display?

The good thing about your suggestions is you have a wide range covered. Keeping in mind that for many of those species listed a wildlife license will be required may also impact your choices as well.

But yes, to summarise, once you’ve established what you are after and which species really interest you and drive your passion, then you can look at the husbandry and how to make that a reality.