HELP! getting our darwin python hatchling to feed.

Discussion in 'Herp Help' started by Ian Gibbs, Mar 16, 2019.

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    Mar 16, 2019
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    Hi. we are having all sorts of problems getting our albino darwin python hatchling to feed.
    Got her just before xmas. at that point we were told she had sed twice and eaten 4 times.
    since then she just won't feed. when ever we try she just runs away.

    we have tried day & night feedings. in smaller tubs to her permanent tank. we put her in a small round container with pinky and left her for 2 hours, she just went to sleep. If i lay the pinkie in her coils she just ignores it. we have worked on getting the food heat up to 40 deg. we have torn the head of the pinky for added scent.
    So far we had her force fed on the 6th Jan 3 x fresh born mice & 19th Feb she had pinky rat and 2 fresh born mice.
    She still shows no interest to food.
    On a side note, she is super placid. cant piss her off enough to strike and has never bitten. just chills.
    Does anyone have a 100% fool proof way to get her to feed on her own? I would love to know it.
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