How's your internet lately ?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by nuttylizardguy, Apr 18, 2020.

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    My internet and landline have been much more unuseable than not the last few week, even worse than dialup was , and forget about making calls to NBN or BigPond to complain, the phone line wont stay connected long enough to even get to talk to human being .

    So glad I have a dumb mobile phone , if I need to call 000 , I still can , i'd have no hope lately if I relied on the NBN connected landline.

    They better be going to give us big rebates on our next few phone / internet bills , because we're definitely not be getting want we're paying through the nose and for the dubious privilege for.
    I don't think 80% rebates will even cover this , that's how poor it's been here.

    Being a squeeky wheel these days, I've made my feelings known to the local member of state parliament on this since it's proven impossible to reach Telstra or BigPond or NBN to get this fixed by an actual living local human being , all I've managed to get in touch with as been a talking machine which puts me on hold , and I then end disconnected and having restart the whole useless exercise.
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