RBB as pets?

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just a few questions reguading red bellies guys

so i live in qld and i believe that on a standard RWL you are able to keep up to 2 restricted reptiles, does this include elapids like red bellies?

also i have heard from a lot of people that red bellies have really nice temperments when they are captive raised, is this true?

what if you get bitten? i imagine owning your own anti venom is too expensive so what of the hospital bills?

since i've learned that they are one of the most docile elapids you can own and that they only have one case of someone dying due to a bite i have been toying with the idea of getting one once i move out of my share house and into my own place

im not new into reptiles and im not some guy just wanting one for the attention, im interested because i find them beautiful creatures which are to be treated with respect


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No idea about the rest, but have a couple friends who've had RBB's. Apparently they're not twitchy like king browns, but are sneaky, so you have to watch them. Don't trust the buggers. One of my mates was watching a reptile show that involved an RBB, and while the guy was demonstrating, it had snuck around behind him and just started casually chewing on the heel of his boot. No strike, no indication of movement, just a snake having a chew.


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you cannot keep an Elapid on a standard licence. restricted refers to either 2 woma's or 2 green tree pythons, or one of each.


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No you can not keep elapids on the standard license. You need apply for the restricted license for elapids and pay the extra fee. Generally yes red bellies are a calm natured snake. Like any other snake though you can get exceptions. If you are bitten you need to preform snake bite first aid and get to hospital. Snake bite treatment is generally covered by the government for Australian citizens.
It seems like you have a level head to keep elapids. Best advice I can give you is do a handling course and find an elapid keeper nearby you to show you the ropes. Also never get complacent.
Cheers Cameron


I've got an incredibly relaxed Colletts snake, but I wouldn't trust him not to bite me. They love a little chew the black snakes :lol: I think its an affectionate nibble....but it's a potential trip to the hospital :D
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