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Snake Husk IDs


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Dried up snake, killed by dogs 3 weeks ago apparently. Kogan, South east Queensland.

The guy thought it was a death adder.


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Another victim of the same dogs as husk 1. Missing it’s head.

Was 35cm approx.


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I saw your initial post over two weeks back and was really challenged by those photos. The next time I looked there were two posts. As soon as I looked at it, the second one immediately said “Keelback” to me. Under magnification I could see there were keels on scales. Also the pattern of dark banding was far more typical of Keelbacks rather than the possible but unlikely alternative of a Rough-scaled snake. I am not familiar with the area where you are, but If I am correct about the snake’s identity, then you would likely be in a relatively low altitude, fairly flat area, rather than an upland or hilly region. My apologies that I waited and did not post post this sooner.