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snake people in adelaide

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hey guys my mate luke from lukes reptile kingdom up in goldy has come down again this year to do the adelaide show
we need one more person to help on the photo both basicly your job will be to help place the snake/croc/ or lizards with the person/s having their photo done then take the animal of also bit of photo taking etc if you are keen to help out flick me a inbox
thanks guys


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wish i lived in adelaide..... sounds like it would be a cool job to do, at least it would involve reptiles and there aren't that many jobs out there that allow that.


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I wish I could but my parents won't take me :( I was going to be there tomorrow!!!! I'm so jacked off right now! I would have loved to do it!!!!!


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Hey Luke, I'd be happy to help out :) I would be able to help out during the weekdays the show is on. I have alot of experience handling snakes :)
I'll send you a PM with my details.

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