Water dragon not going into the water ?????????

Discussion in 'Australian Lizards and Monitors' started by EpicDra, Mar 30, 2020.

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    Hello all.

    Its simple but weird question. I have 7 month old awd in my indoor enclosure.
    It's got right temp, humidity, light, basking etc etc
    I got him about a month ago. He's eating fine and defecating fine but only problem is
    he poos on the branch or ground, sometimes even in the food dish.
    He just not going into the water. never seen him chilling in the water which is very odd...

    water temp is at 70F. its really weird cuz the guy I got my awd from told me he has almost exact same temperature and saw him defecates in the water a lot. nearly everyrtime!

    Has anybody had this experience??
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    My two babies have always gone straight into their water. Considering you've had him for a month and he hasn't died I'd say he's probably been in the water at least a few times for a drink.

    Maybe post a picture of the water area, he might be wary to venture into it for some reason. Try providing cover over the water and have logs and/or rocks so its easy to climb out of.

    How deep is the water, what is the water area and how long is the dragon? (Snout to vent measurement if you can).
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