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  1. A

    Newbie help needed with a BHP

    Hi, I picked my first snake on Sunday, a 5-6 month old BHP, I bought a 4ft melamine enclosure with has twin 75w heating lamps, analog thermostat, UVA tube and it has one vent at the rear of the enclosure and 2 vents at the front. I’m using a digital thermometer with a probe, which is placed...
  2. T

    2 yr Black headed Python

    Hatched around Jan 2020. Have not been able to successfully probe as tenses, but has been suggested they are female. Have had it attempted twice. currently sitting around 8ft, big thick snake. Fabulous feeder, can be tank reactive, not too bad to handle but isn’t big on it. If hungry...
  3. V

    How long does it take for a snake to lose weight?

    My BHP has been living with my parents for a few years due to circumstances. I've only just taken her back a few months ago and I've noticed she's become super fat to be quite frank. My parents had been feeding her every 10-14 days (1 extra large rat). Since having her living with me again...
  4. A

    Details on BHPs

    Hey, so I'm looking at getting an axanthic BHP in the near future and I'm wondering on UVB, since it's known to be healthy, but it's also known to give cancer to albinos, do axanthics fall under this category? Would it be healthy? Not a heap of research I can find on that point. On top of that...
  5. A

    BHP hatchlings

    Hi all new to forum just wondering who would I contact for the best quality BHP hatchlings after a female and also what’s the best setup for a hatchling BHP cheers for your help
  6. C

    BHP Pair

    G'day, I have an NT based male and a WA based female. He is of around 4 years of age and she is around the 3 year mark. Feeding well, never had any health issues. Living in 6 ft tanks that I am hoping to include in the sale. Haven't had success in breeding as there hasn't been any effort into...
  7. Hanz Hapin

    (Help!) BHP 4 month old - defensive & elusive

    Hi all, I this is my very 1st snake I purchased from VHS Expo yesterday. A 4 month old black headed python. I noticed that I cannot seem to handle him well as he always try to escape or coil up in a defensive pose. He also twitches or get spooked out very easily when I make sudden movements...
  8. Performa

    Bhp colours

    Hi all, im currently looking at buying a bhp. I've noticed a few different colours varying from different breeders. Does the differnt colours depend on which local they're from. Ie queensland bhp to a perth bhp?
  9. Lazreilly

    Black headed python sizes

    Hi all Looking at expanding my collection with some bhps . Read up on rough adult sizes but have also been told QLD locals seem to get on the bigger side. Any advice from experienced keepers on sizes from different localities ?? Cheers
  10. Cjwooster

    Substrate Suggestions?

    I am looking for the best substrate I should put in a black headed python enclosure? Some breeder said to use shredded paper, but I have heard that isn't the best nor the safest to use (no idea why though?). Also what would the best substrate be for a click clack set up? I was going to use...