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  1. Noureldebal

    Introducing pythons

    Hiiii everyone, I’m planning to get more pythons in the near future and I would love to get my current pythons (childrens and carpet) each a friend to house together so my question is how do we go About introducing pythons, what age can we do it and what’s the preferred sizing and does sex...
  2. S

    Please help age my snakie

    I measured my caramel Darwin python this morning and the length is 45.5cm! When I got the snakie They couldn’t tell me how old it is.... can anyone help me with this please so I can know.... the snakie is easily eating fuzzy mice once a week added a photo of my little one “eyesis”
  3. G

    NSW WANTED: Female Albino Darwin/Northern Carpet Python

    Hello, I am looking for a female Albino Darwin/Northern Carpet Python (morelia spilota variegata). I am located in Northern NSW and would be happy to drive up to 3 hours to pick up, otherwise could arrange freight to the local airport. I hold a valid reptile licence. Please let me know if you...
  4. Grigals

    Darwin carpet python substrate

    Hi guys! I'm setting up a new terrarium for my Darwin carpet python August and the last thing i need to add now is substrate. All the pet stores were recommending aspen bedding but I'm pretty sure that's not a good thing to use? I would really like a more natural looking substrate anyway, if...
  5. J

    Darwin’s python hatchling activity

    Hey guys, Just joined this forum and am very privileged to be a part of this community! Only got a little 6month albino Darwin’s yesterday and she’s been settling in. She was heaps active last night and moving around her tank but she hasn’t come out of her hide once today and I was just...
  6. Gabrielle & Ártemis

    What will my snake look like?

    Hey everyone, I’m new here so I’m so so sorry if I’ve posted incorrectly or to the wrong forum or chat or whatever. I honestly don’t know how to use this site aha I’ll learn eventually. anyways, I purchased this beautiful girl (I’ve named her Ártemis) and I was wondering if anyone had any...
  7. Snakebreak

    Do snakes get worse before getting better (RI)???

    My snake seems to be more mucusy since giving him the antibiotics prescribed for him. Is it true that he will get worse before he gets better? Is he just bringing up the mucus so it rids his body of it? It's been 2 weeks now. His a albino Darwin 4 years old. QUICK BACK STORY Temp and...
  8. S

    Darwin Carpet Python

    Hi Everyone, I'm looking for a little more information on the breath capacity of carpet pythons. Tonight my boy decided to body slam his rat into his water dish, and is holding both himself and the rat underwater. I was wondering really how long he could keep this up for and if I should...
  9. Snakebreak

    First time breeding ?

    Hey, so this will be my first time breeding snakes. I've kept them for many years But never stepped into the breeding world until now. So I have afew questions: 1. What age and weight do the MALES have to be before breeding for jungles and darwins? I have a jungle almost 1 year old now is that...
  10. T

    SA Albino "Darwin" Collection For Sale

    Evening Folks I'm putting up for sale my collection of Albino's (Darwin Carpet) PM or email for full details & Photo's, genuine buys only, thankyou Location - North of Adelaide, SA [email protected]
  11. D

    First Snake!

    Hi everyone! I have been researching about getting my first snake for a while now and it's finally going to happen! I am still debating what type to get though. I've been looking at childrens and stimsons pythons but people have been telling me snakes such as the darwin carpet python are easier...