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  1. X

    Stimsons Not Feeding

    Hi there, I’m a first time snake owner with a 7 month old Stimsons Python. He was feeding relatively well for the first 3-4 months. He’s shed twice (both clean full sheds) and the last shed was just before winter. Now I haven’t been able to get him to eat for almost 3 months. He shows interest...
  2. C

    Stimsons python juvenile not eating please give advice!

    Hi Everyone, I’m new on here! I’m just coming on to get a bit of advice. I have a juvenile Stimsons python, his about 35cms long. He is in a 60x40cm reptile one enclosure with the sides blacked out. He has a heat mat and 4 hides. Snake aspin for bedding. When I first got him he was in a plastic...
  3. Noureldebal

    Children’s python not eating ADVICE

    ADVICE PLEASE:Hi I have a 5 month old children’s python that I was feeding a pinky to once a week that he would happily take, after his shed I upped his meal to a fuzzie and gave him a few extra days before feeding him so around 12 days between each feed, I have noticed since switching the size...
  4. M

    Strange contorting behavior in python

    Occasional lurker, first time poster. For about 2 weeks now my Central Australian Carpet Python (5 years old, 1.5m long) has been showing strange behavior. It started with insistent face/chin rubbing along the walls, but not to the point where there was visible damage to the snake. Then it...
  5. SmudgeDaz

    Adult python suddenly doesn’t want to eat

    Hi guys, I have a Stimson python which I have owned for 8 years. She would be around 9-10 years old and i haven’t had any issues until recently. I need some advice as I’m worried something might be wrong but just want others opinions! She has suddenly stopped eating. which is very unusually...
  6. T

    help with darwin carpet not eating

    hi i have a female yearling darwin carpet im not sure on the exact age but i would say between a year and two years cannot be sure though sorry. she last fed on the 20th of november. at 7:15pm she took a bit of time to finally strike at the food, so i did i bit of teasing and she stuck and ate...