1. J

    Green Tree Python Breeders NSW

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone knew any green tree python breeders in NSW, Australia.
  2. Atlas

    Moving Herps from QLD to NSW

    yo! I live in NSW but have been staying at a friend's place in QLD for personal reasons. As it happens, their mum is selling me their 13yr old spotted python. Unfortunately i have absolutely no clue about QLD laws and finding info has proven sort of difficult. I'm driving home in a few days, and...
  3. Chills

    Brown Tree snake different licensing classification in different states.

    Hi all, I'm moving into QLD shortly from NSW and I've been flicking through the QLD licensing page. It looks like I could keep a Brown Tree Snake (mildly venomous) under a standard native animal keepers license. In NSW they are a class R2 reptile (either because they are venomous or because...
  4. Chills

    Transferring states (NSW to QLD)

    Hi folks, I am currently moving house and will end up living in Coolangatta, QLD just over the border. I've been in Banora Point in NSW about 6kms south of the QLD border. Not a big move but I'm now on the other side of the invisible line. I have a companion reptile keepers license in NSW for my...
  5. J

    6 in 1 Reptile Display Case for Sale - Price Negotiable! - With Free Extras

    I have a reptile display case, it was made with premium timber that has been completely waterproofed. 4 of the enclosures have been set up with live plants as can be seen from the photo. No reptiles have been in the enclosures making it perfect for someone as it is one less thing you'll need to...
  6. C

    Children's python (antaresia childreni) 2.5 years old

    Children's python, 2.5 years old Potts Point, NSW contact me: 0413337753 (text only please)
  7. Laikin

    WANTED Bredli Hatchlings

    Hi, im looking for a bredli hatchling, i live near Coffs Harbour, NSW
  8. D

    Expression of interest for Scorpions

    I've got a few Scorpions already but just would like to see what else is out there and prices. Located in Hunter valley NSW, and can travel no problems
  9. E

    WTB black and yellow jungle python

    I’m currently living in narromine and I’m wanting to buy a black and yellow jungle python. No preferred sex. Please send me a text of what you have 0415685630
  10. A


  11. Woody's Pythons

    Tanami Woma Hatchlings (Aspidites Ramseyi) $220ea

    Hi All, Up for Sale are our 2 gorgeous Tanami Woma Hatchlings (Aspidites ramsayi). Perfect for a first Reptile Pet, or first breeding pair/project. We have 1 Male and 1 Female for $220 Each. - Hatched in Late October 2018 - Feeding Regularly on Fuzzy Rats with no issues at all. - Shedding...
  12. Krissy90

    Nsw who fills out paperwork

    Hi guys, So a friend of mine is in nsw, 6 or so months ago she purchased a bearded dragon from a pet store, also in nsw. Upon purchase she gave them her reptile liscence number and info. However shes only just realised she never signed anything or received anything in the mail to sign to...
  13. J

    Black Headed Python Male 2m + enclosure

    Healthy male black headed python, sheds, poops well, behaves well Approximately 2m long Includes enclosure if needed of H:198cm x W:119 x D:68 included ceramic heat lamp Must have reptile license (easy to apply if you dont have) Call: Jarien 0490211591
  14. S

    Green Tree Pythons NSW

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone knows of a reputable GTP breeder in NSW? Looking to get my first Green Tree Python later this year and want to know a good breeder where I can get one in NSW. Also would appreciate any tips or whats books to read prior to purchasing one. Thanks
  15. S

    3 Tiny Dragons

    Today while cutting up a fallen tree I came across 3 small dragon lizards, perhaps 5-6 cm long not including the tail. They appeared to be hatchlings of some kind, but I know they weren’t bearded dragons. I thought perhaps they may be Tommy Roundhead dragons, but I live in central western NSW...
  16. SpottedPythons

    Nsw Licence System Update News

    The NSW Native Animal Keeper licencing system is due to be updated in August, and so far there hasn't been a lot of info coming out about the updates. Here's what I know so far: The AHS is pushing for some R1 species like bluies, beardies and most commonly kept snakes to be taken off licence...