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    Im about to change from a coil Uvb light to a tube light for a new 100cm tank. What strength should I purchase and how long should it be? 60-80cm? Any recommendations? For a pygmy beardie 5 months old.
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    Wanted a Pygmy bearded dragon baby

    Hi guys we are after a female baby dwarf bearded dragon. We are in vic We are only after one thanks
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    For sale pygmy bearded dragon

    AKA pagona henrylawsoni or black-soil bearded dragon. Only selling to a good home. I do not have the time to spend with my beardie, Falkor. I have also realised i am just not a lizard person. I want him to go to someone who will appreciate him and is better able to care for him than i am. I...
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    Pygmy bearded dragon help

    Hi there :) I've very recently bought a pygmy bearded dragon (around four days ago) and I'm not sure what to do with a few things and i have a few questions... I'm not sure how old she is? the people I got her from said that she was born late December to early January maybe, but she is quite...
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    Pygmy Bearded Help

    just wondering on people's opinion on pygmys co-existing together or with other small species such as netted dragons Thanks