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  1. Tsuchinoko

    Adult Spotted python food size

    Hey guys, I just got a 3 year old spotted python a couple of months ago and have been feeding her medium rats which she's taken to well. I recently switched up my supplier and the medium rats I've gotten from them seem significantly larger than the ones I've been feeding her - I'm a little...
  2. M

    Help! Python not eating!

    My diamond python (5yrs, male) won’t eat. He at first starting being a bit weird with his food a couple times in a row- being interested and striking but guarding before eating, or not eating until I left the room or turned out the light. He’s never had problems with eating before this. But...
  3. Flexxx

    Rodents in WA

    Gday, Were does everyone get there frozen rodents from? Im in WA and I use to get them from a breeder I knew who stopped breeding so im looking for another cheaper source than a pet shop. TIA
  4. L

    Ipswich Frozen Rats

    Big healthy feeders. Stock is raised on high quality lab blocks, fresh veg, nuts, seeds and cereals. Whole healthy rats for your reptile. Currently stocking rats, I can order mice and quail on request and will try to get rabbit when the weather cools down. Feel free to check out the FB page for...
  5. R

    Frozen rodents

    Check out RR Rodents. All size frozen rats and mice available. Based in Lockyer Valley, delivery possible in SE Qld. https://www.facebook.com/RR-Rodents-278763866137720/
  6. H

    Mice and Rats

    I have a small collection of frozen rats and mice available in Northern NSW. I can also supply small orders or regulars by request. PM for interest or requests
  7. S

    bulk rats in melbourne

    Anyone selling approx 150gm rats- we were buying in $100 lots but have moved now seller is over an hour and halfs drive. We are in nilumbik council Melbourne's north but potentially happy to travel Thanks
  8. N

    Diamond Python Owners: What do you feed and how much does it cost?

    Looking into getting a diamond python, with them liking cooler temperatures and requiring feeding less, although they need a lot of more careful care than other snakes to stay healthy, they seem like the perfect snake for me (plus I'm a massive fan of how they look). However, the place near me...
  9. A

    Looking to buy frozen rodents (Cairns area)

    Hi! I was wondering if anyone was selling frozen rodents in the Cairns area. I live on the tablelands but I'm willing to travel to pick some up. I'd also be willing to pay for shipping if that's a possibility, but I haven't really looked into that. Usually I just buy them from a local petshop...
  10. E

    Carpet python feeding advice needed

    Hi, I’ve recently adopted a juvenile-ish diamond carpet and it only eats birds (quails, chickens etc). I have had two other carpet pythons since hatchlings that I’ve fed exclusively on rats from pinkies up to large sized at the moment as I’ve always heard they have more of the good stuff...
  11. R

    Rats for sale

    Frozen Rats for sale Pinkies .70 cents Fuzzies $1.20(15-25gm) Hoppers $1.80 (25-45gm) Weaners $2.20 (45-70gm) Small $3.00( 70-100gm) Medium $4.00 (100-140gm) Large $5.00 (140-190gm) Xl $6.00 (190-250gm) Jumbos $7.00 (250-350gm) Super jumbo $8.00 (250-350gm) Please contact Karen text or call...
  12. mrnofear

    Reptile enclosures & accessories

    7AM-2PM SATURDAY 9TH JUNE 2018 -------------- 1 DAY ONLY------------------- Hi everyone we're having a huge clearance sale on all things related to Reptiles. New & used items available Most items will be under half the price of the shops Items included in the sale are: 2ft, 3ft, 4ft BLACK &...
  13. B

    BlackHeaded NT Python Male

    We are selling our male NT BlackHeaded Python. He is 9yrs old. He is a calm snake, very easy to handle. He also eats well. We have not had any problems with him. He is approximately 6ft. His enclosure is also for sale. We also have rat breeding set up (with watering setup). Make reasonable...
  14. Dan P

    Where to buy...

    Hi all Just wondering if I can get any suggestions of best place to buy logs, hides, branches, etc for setting up a new enclosure. Am setting up for my Bredli who is still a few months away from going into her big girl tank, but any suggestions on where to buy other than spending a fortune...
  15. Darijo

    Frozen Rodent Prices !

    Just went into my local Pet Barn and nearly fell over at the frozen rodent prices ! Wanted $28 for 3 small rats ($9.30 each!). I have been purchasing from them for the last few years due to convenience and proximity to home but this has lead me to investigate cheaper alternatives. Saw that...