1. P

    Sale price of Jaguar python

    So I have a 6 year old jungle jaguar python, what's a good sale price?
  2. cooperftw

    SOLD Adult friendly Murray Darling Carpet Python + optional enclosure

    Hi there, Just welcomed my first child, am moving house and need a larger enclosure for my beloved Murray Darling Carpet Python (morelia spilota metcalfei). Too much for me to take on at the moment so I've decided to sell the family pet. Also included (if you want it) is a used but in good...
  3. DaNReD

    VIC [SOLD] Huge Enclosure 1850 x 1850 x 620 Located south of Melbourne CBD

    Extremely well built, 1850 x 1850 x 620 reptile enclosure All accessories and fixtures you see in the pictures come with the enclosure 2 Ceramic fixtures and one regular fixture 3 Cages for all the bulbs. Thermostat Sliding door Hand-made ceramic reptile caves Large water dish On wheels Bottom...
  4. C

    VIC VIC, Looking for a juvenile JAG Diamond or Jungle

    Hey everyone! I'm currently on the market for a hatchling or atleast a young Diamond or Jungle python. I'm based in Melbourne, so I'd prefer to pick one up in Victoria but I'm happy to have one freighted if interstate. Please contact me on 0421033608 or [email protected] if you can help! :)
  5. P

    NSW Male Spencers Monitor

    Selling our male spencers monitor handles good as is taken out of enclosure nearly every day eats like a champ would make a good breeder 800 located NSW freight is available at buyers expense $100. 0460690176
  6. T

    Green Tree Frogs

    Hello, looking to find a breeder for some common green tree frogs. Looking for juveniles or sub-adults.
  7. M

    NSW ***SOLD*** Central Bearded Dragons & Full Set Ups

    Sadly we have to let go our beloved bearded dragon, due to other commitment. I am selling a central bearded dragon with full setup. Price $300, pickup only at Rosebery, 2018 License required Bearded dragon Gender: male Age: appx 1 year 9 months Eats well, loves his crickets and veggies. When...
  8. drake84

    QLD Adult Woma for sale

    Hi all, I have a beautiful adult male Woma for sale. 7 years old, very placid natured. I don't handle him a lot but when I do he's fine. Can sometimes be a little food obsessive but I've never had an issue with that personally, but that may be because I don't handle him much & know his...
  9. J

    Brown Children's Python + Functioning Enclosure

    FOR SALE!!! 17 month old Brown Children's Python. Eating and Shedding well. Excellent condition. No known health issues. Gentle nature. Excellent handling. Food; Weiner Mice Comes with fully functioning enclosure inclusive of; - Heat Lamp - Temperature Control/Lamp on-off regulator - Drinking...
  10. L

    best place to purchase reptiles

    Hey there, been awhile since i have made a post. i was just wondering where the best place to buy reptiles is now that RDU is shutdown ? . im after a pair for spencers but not sure where to look. willing to pay 2.5k for a nice female and male. would prefer breeding age/size but not a must
  11. G

    NSW Looking for Centralian Carpet Pythons ( Bredli ) Hatchies

    Hey Guys, I am looking for Centralian Carpet Pythons ( Bredli ) Hatchlings, Preferably in Sydney and preferably a male if possible. Please contact me on 0410241630 if you have any, to discuss prices. Thank you Ginger
  12. gazman

    Selling The Lot At Discounted Price! !

    All sold. Thankyou.
  13. Giles28

    Short Neck Macquarie Turtle +++

    Looking for a good home for my short neck Macquarie turtle and red claw. Turtle is full grown male adult, approx 15-20cm diameter, healthy and happy with his red claw friend. 5 x 2 x 2 ft turtle tank with dry ramp, filter, rocks, accessories and food included but will sell separately if...
  14. pythonmum

    NSW Albino Darwin 3-month-olds

    These lovely little snakes have mellow temperaments and are developing stunning colours. They are feeding strongly on thawed hopper mice. Most have had a second slough or are close to it. Suitable for beginners or experienced keepers. All come with a full feeding and sloughing history, click...