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[SOLD] Huge Enclosure 1850 x 1850 x 620 Located south of Melbourne CBD

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Apr 21, 2008
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Mount Eliza, Victoria, Australia, Australia
Extremely well built, 1850 x 1850 x 620 reptile enclosure
All accessories and fixtures you see in the pictures come with the enclosure
2 Ceramic fixtures and one regular fixture
3 Cages for all the bulbs.
Sliding door
Hand-made ceramic reptile caves
Large water dish
On wheels
Bottom is sealed
Yes, you can literally stand inside this enclosure to clean it. (which I should have done properly before taking pictures as there is some dirt in it :) )

I had this custom made at great expense to me by a family friend who was a cabinet maker his whole life.

The front sliding door is an extremely sturdy window that was salvaged from a house.

The internal posts are removable as seen in one of the pictures below. They are fixed to the walls by those things used on doors that click in when you close them. I forgot what they are called!

Selling as I used this to house my python for a few years at my parents before I had to move and could not take her with me. It has been in their storage but now there is no longer space for it.

Looking for offers over $600

Located in Mount Eliza 3930 (about 50 minutes south of Melbourne CBD)

93190376_3556994484327674_909992734096359424_n.jpg 93252241_2827485804015783_3300939042811543552_n.jpg 93665938_4052504408100844_4058004488466726912_n.jpg 93917322_656363781598528_8845483587038871552_n.jpg 94127888_1594771427340297_5864744977598251008_n.jpg
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