1. S

    Are Eastern Water Skinks good pets?

    I couldn't decide between a blue tongue skink and a eastern water dragon but then i discovered eastern water skinks. I like how they are smaller then EWD. I am also keen about making a paludarium. In contrast to BTS and EWD, how comfortable are them with handling? I understand because they...
  2. Sam.fairall1


    Does anyone know of any completely vegetarian lizards, Native to Australia
  3. Gabe_s

    Native species for outdoor enclosure

    Hey, I have begun the process of building an outdoor enclosure for water dragons but have changed my mind and was wondering what native dragons and skinks in NSW are cohabitable together.
  4. sebiimams

    Skink Rejects

    So I recently bought two unrelated groups of Egernia striolata and combined them in a large terrarium in the hopes of getting some unrelated pairings in a larger family group of five. All went well for the first few weeks, after some initial bickering, but recently one of the smaller skinks has...
  5. mrnofear

    VIC Brand New Reptile Heat Globes

    Brand New Reptile Heat Globes 265 X 25w Nocturnal $3 each or $100 per box of 50. 34 X 40w Nocturnal $5 each or $130 the lot. 45 X 100w Nocturnal $5 each or $190 the lot. 54 X 150w Nocturnal $5 each or $200 the lot. 12 X 25w Red $5 each or $45 the lot. 114 X 25w Basking $5 each or $320 the...
  6. mrnofear


    Hi up for sale is a heap of Brand New Reptile Heat Globes & Ceramic heat emitters. 266 X 25WATT NOCTURNAL $5 34 X 40WATT NOCTURNAL $5 50 X 60WATT NOCTURNAL $5 93 X 100WATT NOCTURNAL $5 62 X 150WATT NOCTURNAL $5 50 X 25WATT INFRARED $5 140 X 25WATT BASKING $5 18 X 150WATT BASKING $5 38 X 150WATT...
  7. mrnofear

    VIC Reptile enclosures & accessories

    7AM-2PM SATURDAY 9TH JUNE 2018 -------------- 1 DAY ONLY------------------- Hi everyone we're having a huge clearance sale on all things related to Reptiles. New & used items available Most items will be under half the price of the shops Items included in the sale are: 2ft, 3ft, 4ft BLACK &...
  8. mrnofear


    Hi there I'm currently making Reptile enclosures/setups to suit any Snake or Lizard. I've been into keeping Reptile's for over 20years now so therefore I have great knowledge of what sort of housing they require. I'm happy to build any enclosure to fit ur wants & needs. Whether it's a standed...
  9. C

    can you own red eyed crocodile skink's in Australia?

    Im just curious to know because I cannot find a list that shows all the reptiles you can own in Australia