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  1. BekMarshall

    Best heat tile temperature

    Hey guys what is your heat tile set to on your thermostat? Best temp for a stimpsons pythons heat tile
  2. dcarew

    2 heat sources, 1 thermostat

    Questions regarding heating globes and thermostats; I am heating my pythons during the day with a reflector globe on a dimming thermo, providing a basking spot but want the enclosures to be heated with a ceramic for night time as the ambient temps in my house drop dramatically during the winter...
  3. saltyballs

    Need advise on a new thermostat

    Hey guys so I was setting up an bigger enclosure for one of my baby snakes but realized my spare thermostat is buggerd. It won't keep Temps correctly or accurately anymore, gonna be using a heat mat with it so I'm wondering if those inkbird thermostats work ok with a heat mat. I'll put a pic of...
  4. S

    Spotted python heating and thermostats

    Hi all, I have 3 year old spotted python who has been having a 100w basking light on and off with a timer. The globe blows within the 3 month range. I was wondering if people have had success with a globe from bunnings on timer and if so, what bulb? He’s in a 60x90cm enclosure and has his...
  5. Laefiren

    Heat mat with green tree frogs?

    Ive got a 45x45x60 Exo Terra for my green tree frogs. I’m looking to change from using infrared as a heat source to a heat mat. It seems like heat mats use on/off type thermostats over dimming. I’m looking for recommendations on thermostats and possibly also heat mats. I’m in Adelaide so not...
  6. M

    Thermostat/heat mat for hatchie Stimson Python

    Hi everyone, I’m getting set up for a Stimsons Python hatchie and having fun comparing and weighing up all the different information. I’ve settled on the Reptile one starter kit, as I prefer it to the plastic lunchbox systema option and think I’ve heard enough good reports to be confident it’s...
  7. Laefiren

    Heating for Green Tree frogs

    Hi again guys. I’m currently using a 75w infrared exo terra bulb in a small light dome. Tank is the 45x45x60. With 3 baby green tree frogs in it. The tank is bioactive so there is often moisture around. I’m getting some good temperatures however I would really like to add a thermostat so I...
  8. P

    Lighting, heating and thermostat for Stimson's python

    Hi guys! I am planning on getting my first snake (a hatchling Stimson's python) in the next couple of weeks and I was hoping that you could provide me with some advice. I have done a lot of research and i am getting very confused about the heating and lighting requirements for pythons. I...
  9. S

    Dual Zone Thermostat models?

    I am looking to get a dual zone pulse thermostat that has 2 probes in Australia but am having trouble locating one. It would be nice to also have a timer as well. I cant seem to find any australian models of the VE300x2 or herpstat. I am setting up a new tank with a overhead heating element...
  10. Ebonie

    Thermostat Recommendations

    Hi everyone, I'm looking at thermostat options for when my hatchling Diamond moves into his more sophisticated enclosure. I'll want a thermostatically controlled (heat and time) 60W reflector lamp, and a fluorescent light on a timer. Is there anything that can do all this? Or will I be...
  11. H

    Heat Set Up

    Hi, So I got a Yearling Children's Python. I got a Thermo Hygrostat connected to a Heat Lamp, temperature set to 30°C. But it says 22°C where the Temperature Probe is. I have the probe set under where the heat light is, same level as the top of his hide (the hide is big enough for him to bask...
  12. H

    Heat Lamp and Temperature For Children's Python

    Help please, Got a Yearling Children's Python and I've only had him for a few weeks and he hasn't eaten yet. I got a Thermo Hygrostat connected to Heat Mat, Heat Lamp and UV Light. The Thermo was set up at the pet shop that sells snakes but I don't know if the temperatures are right (the guy...
  13. H

    Heat Lamp and Temperature For Children's Python

    Help please, Got a yearling Children's Python and I've only had him for a few weeks and he hasn't eaten yet. I got a Thermo Hygrostat connected to Heat Mat, Heat Lamp and UV Light. The Thermo was set up at the pet shop that sells snakes but I don't know if the temperatures are right (the guy...
  14. Adipocere

    Repti-zoo thermostat control

    hi we have just gotten a repti-zoo thermostat to regulate the temperature. We have the heat lamp plugged into the thermostat. My question is how do we set it up to turn off and on when the temperature is right? It is the the dial one with the LED lights that are power and heat. Any advice would...
  15. Rob Colbert

    Enclosure Thermostat Probe position

    Hello everyone. When I got my coastal all he had was a heat pad platform. I've recently added more greenery and installed a exo Terra heat lamp. I'm just wondering where I should put the thermostat probe. It was right where he laid on his platform but I feel that this would be too inaccurate...
  16. D

    Heat mat and thermostat

    Hey again! I am getting a children's python and would just like to know what everyone uses for heating. I know I want to use a heat mat but I am unsure how many watts and also if I need to get one with a thermostat attached, separate or to get a completely different thing to check temperatures...
  17. H_dog_hills

    Help for my Stimmy setup

    hey all! I am a first time snake owner, and I have just acquired my little Stimmy yearling. I was just wanting to ask a few questions, as I am starting to doubt if the heating and lighting is the best for him, and it’s causind me to panic a lot! The enclosure I have for him has got two...
  18. ellehcore7

    IMIT Thermostat issue - not turning back on?

    I bought a Stimmy and a whole set up today and I'm worried already about his home :( The enclosure had this IMIT thermostat built into it: I have hooked up two 75w infrared heat bulbs to it with mesh cages around them. Set it to 30C and...
  19. fredz4

    iStat Compact blown fuse help

    Hello All, Can someone please help me with which fuse fits an istat compact. When it blew it cracked the part no. off and i can't read it anymore. Also where can i get these fuses? Thanks
  20. B

    Day/night Temperature Setting For Ecotech Advanced Thermostat L

    I've had this ecotech advanced reptile thermostat for a while, but I've never really needed the heat at night because the temperature where I live hasn't really been cool enough to drop below 18°C for my bearded dragons at night. I have the temperature set to 38°C in the day time, and at night I...