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Beautiful Blondes - Reduced Pattern, Lined and 'Standards' from $100

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Aug 10, 2015
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Species Common Name Blonde Spotteds

Age 4 months

Length hatchies

Quantity Available 20

Bred By Aussie Reptiles

General Description
Beautiful blonde spotteds feeding well ready to go.
Standard Blondes, Reduced patterned & Lined available.
Prices from $100 - 500

More pics and prices available:
Aussie Reptiles
Facebook - Aussie Reptiles

We also sell a great range of reptile gear - Gift vouchers also available
ARS - Aussie Reptile Supplies

Location North Richmond NSW

Willing to Freight? Freight available at buyers expense

Contact Details 0433530386 or [email protected]

License Number (Required for NSW and SA Sellers) AKL57361

S5.jpg S3.jpg R1.jpg TJ.jpg TH.jpg TA.jpg T6.jpg
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