Dendrelaphis punctulat green tree snake eggs (HELP)

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Nov 17, 2014
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Sorry if thread is in wrong post.
The female has premature laid the eggs There are 6 of them,
I have them in a home made incubator should be reaching like 44 degrees in there,
Looks good humidity got a cpu fan running too.
But the eggs are really caving, its been about 5 day's since laid.
This is my first egg clutch and really need help to keep these eggs good,
Thank's, any question just ask!
I have never kept this species, but I'd suggest that at 44 degrees you'll end up cooking them all in no time. That's way too high. Drop it back - not sure about the exact preferred temp range for incubating these, but closer to 32 degrees would be my guess.

ah well i tried my best, I'll know for next time i suddenly become a mother for eggs lmao.
you would incubate CTS at around 28 degrees.
i am wondering why you would have the temperature at 44 degrees ???
Did they get to that temp because you are in a hot area with hot ambient temp ? or someone told you to set it that high.
No offence ment by this, but don't you think you should have researched breeding cts before attempting so? You'd more than likely have a healthy clutch of eggs in your incubator if you had done. Cheers
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