Help with my Eastern Long Neck Turtle not growing

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Nov 9, 2023
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Hello, hoping I could get some advice about my turtle, they are almost 2 years old (they were born in December 2021) now and is only 23g, 1g more than last year in August 2022. At 1 years old I started feeding them every 2 days instead of everyday, as that is what the internet told me somewhere. Took them to the vet about some other concerns in July 2023, and was told that I need to feed them everyday until they get bigger.
So I mainly feed them brine shrimp, whole fish when I can get them, sometimes blood worms, tried feeding them silkworms but they won't eat them, and sometimes crickets if I don't have whole fish.
Since July, it doesn't seem they have grown much at all.
Tank set up it optimal to what the vet told me in terms of temperature, heat/uv light, water quality, tank size, etc.
Is there something that I am going wrong with?
Thank you:)