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Jul 25, 2021
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Hi, I'm a 32yr old single mum of a 9yr old and 7.5yr old boys. Have an 11yr old German shepherd dog. I have long wanted a snake for myself and now that I have kids and feel they're of an age to appreciate respect and enjoy the care and observation of one. I live in bushland where snakes are a common occurrence and have a lot of read knowledge of them and hands on experience of relocating them out of yard house, neighbours etc but these are all beautiful wild snakes (ranging from common brown or green tree snakes, eastern brown snakes, or the big Bessie's of coastal carpets that occasionally get themselves stuck too close to cars or homes of non snake lovers) and I haven't had the pleasure of keeping one as a pet.

I feel that I am financially finally in a situation where I can do a snake the justice of an appropriate size enclosure with all it needs and wants without cutting corners and want to get said enclosure set-up up and underway now so that's its all ready for this coming seasons hatchlings and I can pick myself and my kids up a young antaresia childreni. After looking through all the antaresia family I decided the middle of the lot size wise was a good start and there's every chance I will end up falling in love with the hobby and get more snakes (another reason put it off for so long, firm believer in once you choose to care for something you do it for the animals whole life, not just how long it suits you). Pending on availability and price would LOVE a dark marble or a striking pattern. Know that they fade overtime, and honestly more interested in temperament than the 'paint job.

Anyways some questions that I've found conflicting answers on or require some first hand knowledgeable peoples opinions on are;
* Difference between male and female, temperament wise, or does it purely come down to personality of the individual?

*The perfect place I have for it gets direct sunlight through a standard glass wall from sunrise to about midday year round, it's then bright until sunset but not in direct light. Planning on using heat mat or wire (need advice on both those things also) with a thermostat, would the snake need/want lighting as well? Know they don't need uvb either but was just wondering in general.

*Heat pad or wire? Thoughts/ideas welcome. Cage was thinking reptile one RTF 900HT. As said I literally live buried in bushland half way up a forested mountainside that backs onto natural reserve filled with every native animal you can think of. So it is important to me that this beautiful little snake lives it's best possible life. I want the inside of its enclosure to bring all the outdoors in. Trust me he/she will get plenty of supervised time exploring outside too. Wondering what best plants, hides, and how much of a water soaking area do they really want and any ideas of layouts etc are more than welcome.

Honestly any tips or advice is welcome, I want to do this right the first time and as waiting for new seasons hatchlings have the time to get it going now.

Thanks heaps everyone.
900HT would be a lot more suited for an adult snake - it is recommended to keep snakes <12 months old in a small click-clack container. I'm a newbie as well but good luck! my Stimsons is very docile.
Hi Dani
I keep 3 carpet pythons , 2 males and the other im not sure yet. They are all very easy going, even when surrounded by inquisitive kids. Are easy to look after with the right equipment and info, specialy if they occur in your area naturaly. I would go with heat cord through a good thermostat for floor heat. I use a 40 or 60 watt incandescent bulb through a dimmer switch and on a timer, to create a day / night cycle, as well as some extra daytime heat. I would be very hesitant to recommend having the enclosure in direct sunlight, unless you are absolutly positive it won't get to hot inside. In my opinion plastic plants are the best for an indoor enclosure, for health reasons you want to avoid constant high humidity. Do heaps of research before getting an animal, and hopefully you will all be much happier. Good luck.
Hi. You sound like you are more prepared to own a snake than .70 of people who do.
I believe there is a difference between males and females in particular their bonding with their owner. Similar to birds & genetically, my male snakes are more 'cuddly' to me than females. This might be all in my head but I don't think so. My girls treat me as a Feeder and occasionally are affectionate when their shedding or I've missed their normal food day (Fri). Sunlight behind glass is filtered so if you can put a fly screens on top of the enclosure, more natural UV light will be beneficial, but like you said not compulsory.
I started with ants, then progressed. You have to know when to stop. Good luck.

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