Is their any Boyds specialist ?

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May 21, 2023
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Hi, im new here, So hello everyone.
I have a 14mth old Boyd's forest dragon and I'm wondering if their is anyone here who specialises in Boyd's that would be able to offer me some advise please as I'm having some problems with mine, and it's only been the last month that things have changed with her, and I'm getting very concerned.
Thankyou for replying to my post.

My boyds is 15 months old now, 1 month ago, it decided to stop eating and drinking and just lay on the floor with its head down. It also turned a blackish colour. I thought it was dying or wanted to die.

So my older kids and I have been doing round the clock care, having it out of the enclosure with us, force feeding it water via a syringe, 1 week ago it ate some crickets again, it's colour is back and it seemed normal again.. it started to explore the couch and other places we have it around the house.

I down graded the size of it's crickets so it would eat more often, but now it's just letting the crickets eat it's spine spikes off. Their is 1 spine spike completely gone and I can see the flesh.

My boyds used to always shake the crickets off but now it won't.

I have meal worms but it doesn't want them. It's still hunting and will eat the crickets as it's belly is nice and fat somedays.

It was on large crickets for months and now has mediums, and I put them into the enclosure with the boyds so it can hunt it's own food. I've also always done this.

Nothing has changed in regards to enclosure or food in 5 months everything is the same, except the downsize in crickets. ( put it into a bigger enclosure last December )

It's lights are on a timer as well. We mist the enclosure 3 to 4 times a day.

The enclosure drops down to 15 degrees over night and sits mid 20s during the day currently.

The crickets have fresh carrot daily so they are kept hydrated and fed.

I guess my main question is why is it letting the crickets eat it all of a sudden?

How can I stop this from happening ?

Can I use Betadine diluted to dab on the open would to keep it clean and free from infection ?

I'm open to any ideas to help my boyds please.
I've attached photos.

In a thoughtful manner, it appears that you may not have had prior experience with this particular species. They require specialized care and are not recommended for beginners. When reptiles display signs of poor behaviour, it is usually a gradual process over several months.

Upon reviewing the image of your enclosure, it seems that inadequate husbandry is likely the main issue. The setup you have is better suited for a bearded dragon, which thrives in more challenging environments. However, Boyd's dragons, being delicate creatures, have different needs. They do not appreciate handling, require access to moving water for drinking, prefer ambient temperature control over specific basking zones, need lower UV exposure (like sunlight filtering through a canopy), and benefit from ample hiding spaces to avoid direct sunlight. Edit: they’ll also benefit with a taller rather than a longer enclosure for vertical branches

Regarding feeding, it is possible that your dragon may not eat unless all the necessary care requirements are met. Failure to provide these conditions may lead to the dragon's health declining. If it is currently feeding, it is advisable to use tongs for feeding and prevent crickets from freely roaming around the enclosure and bothering the dragon. You can also try small wood roaches on tongs.

When misting, it is recommended to mist for approximately 5-10 minutes, allowing the dragon to drink water droplets from the perches.

To assist you in creating a suitable setup, I will provide you with valuable resources for inspiration. Please understand that my intention is not to be overly critical, but it might be worth considering selling or rehoming this dragon and starting with a more resilient species like a bearded dragon. Your current setup appears ideal for a bearded dragon. :)’s-forest-dragons-lophosarus-sp.228822/
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