Lady rescued the smallest lizard in the world!

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Sep 16, 2019
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In bed
So when I was at work a few weeks ago when I get this phone call from a lady telling me that she discovered this interesting looking lizard that was under her door. She said it wasn't moving so she presumed it was dead and went to throw it out. However! She noticed it was stirring and put it in a container under her bed and then called me to ask what she should feed it and what kind of lizard it was. I get this a lot. People see a snake or a lizard or the wild and think that it's there duty to catch it and feed it. Anyway I told her that she should just release it back into the wild where it belonged. However she said that it wasn't moving much and it looked like it was dying. Curious, I asked her to describe the lizard to me. She told me it looked like a baby crocodile and thought that it could be a baby goanna. After asking her some more questions she then told me that she believed that it was the smallest lizard in the world and for some reason wouldn't eat and that was why she had to rescue it. She eventually sent through a picture to reveal that she had gone and rescued the one and only, Asian house gecko! Nocturnal by the way.

Anyway I thought it was pretty funny. Should've heard the disappointment in her voice when I broke the news to her. Here's my message; Don't take reptiles from the wild. They are animals. They belong in the wild, just like birds, ants, spider etc. Leave them alone. Especially if they are an invasive species.

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