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Aug 11, 2015
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Hi I have a Jungle Jag male Breeder $500, Coastal Carpet Pythons Adult female $300, Coastal Carpet Python Sub Adult $200, they are all posted in order as in add, all healthy only selling due to my health problems and not able to keep doing so many reptiles. They are all healthy and eat, poo and shed great, prefer pick up or can meet you in Gympie, any other info contact me via email [email protected] or PH: 0754857158 I use to freight but with covid the costs have gone up dramatically but if you still wish to freight the cost is yours to pay.


  • JJP_M1 2022.01.27.JPG
    JJP_M1 2022.01.27.JPG
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  • CCP_F2 2022.01,26 (2).JPG
    CCP_F2 2022.01,26 (2).JPG
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  • CCP_M2 2022.01,26 (2).JPG
    CCP_M2 2022.01,26 (2).JPG
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