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Jan 15, 2022
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since there is next to no information online about roughies, i was wondering if owners could answer a few husbandry questions that i have about them:

can they be cohabitated?
what is the best way to heat them/what temps to keep that heating element at?
what should their humidity be?
what snake are they most similar in husbandry to?
what are their temperaments like?
how big is a full grown rough scaled python?
and lets see them roughie set ups! (or just any of your snakes set ups i love seeing them!)

again thanks to everyone who helps me with my questions.


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Jun 28, 2004
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In terms of husbandry they're basically a tropical Carpet Python which doesn't feed as well. Treat them like a Darwin Carpet. These days most people just keep them in racks, which isn't ideal (they are arboreal) but does the job.

Ideal temperatures for almost all pythons are about the same. Don't overanalyse. If it's not a Diamond or Chondro it will be fine in standard python conditions, and if it's not a bredli or southern Murray Darling Carpet, they all want the same temperatures etc. Even desert species like Womas want similar humidities to things like Darwin Carpets. This might sound peculiar, but while Darwin Carpets find it easy to enjoy more time out and about in favourable humidity, Womas spend most of their time in the underground humidity and love coming out when it rains. They still want the same things, they just have to work differently to have them, but in our care we can make life easy for them and give them what they all want, which is about the same.

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