They Seriously thought this was a good idea.... I’m A Celeb 2021: Toni Pearen bitten on the face by multiple snakes

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I think that was cruel to both her and the snakes, as the poor pythons are being trapped in this box for who knows how long for the sole purpose of trashy television, and that she had to endure the results of a poorly planned situation and some stressed snakes. I also found it interesting that they mentioned that the snakes weren’t venomous, ‘to humans’. They’re pythons, mate.
Typical jungle XD

Im concerned about the keeper who was contacted, most likely offered money to use their snakes
Scaring people without risk of physical harm is fine, but causing bleeding and bruising to someone's face as a 'challenge' is absurd. It crosses a critical line and steps you on to a slippery slope. If we accept causing injury, how far can we go? Are you willing to have a 1kg weight dropped on your foot? 10kg? How much blood can we draw out of your face or how much bruising can we inflict on your face before it's not acceptable? Maybe you could argue that a risk of injury is acceptable, such as in an obstacle course where a participant may fall, but for someone to have to accept continued injury while remaining passive in the situation, as a 'challenge' is clearly wrong.

It's unfortunate for snakes and snake enthusiasts that snakes were portrayed in this way.
That's absolutely horrific - I can't believe it was allowed! The poor snakes are literally terrified and unable to escape, so they have no other option than to strike at her. Plus those bite to the face - she'll be lucky if she doesn't end up with a good scar or two. Totally not okay.
Once again snakes are put in a bad light by the media. Doing things like this will only increase irrational fears of snakes

Also how big where the snakes?
How long where the snakes in the box?

I hate these sort of “challenges” that involve people putting animals in stressful situations.
The what’s in the box challenge on YouTube. Content Creators would put animals in a box and feel it and then scream and put so much stress on the animals.
The saddest thing is that people are making money off of this.

Absolutely disgusting
Still shocked
There’s also a bredli in there to
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