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Mar 24, 2010
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Central Highlands
After seeing a few threads recently from those just starting in the hobby I went searching for our old Tips For Newbies thread to give it a bump, sadly it seems to have disappeared.

So... lets have a crack at starting version two.

What type of reptile interests you?

This is the first question I'd ask myself before going on the journey of reptile ownership. Better to keep something you're truly interested in rather than an impulse purchase.


Once you've narrowed down what it is you'd like to keep it's time to research, research, research. At the end of this research ask yourself, am I in a position to provide the care necessary to help keep your reptile healthy and well provided for?

Set Up

Set yourself up before making a reptile purchase. Better to have your new critters home ready to go when you bring them home.

* Enclosure
* Heating/lighting/thermostat
* Enclosure furnishings
* Temp gun/feed tongs/snake hook

Have you sourced a local provider of food?

Ready To Go

There's no rush. Shop around and ask questions. If possible buy from someone that has a proven reputation.

Don't just buy the first reptile you see on Gumtree.


A couple of references to help get you started.

Google Scott Eipper. He has some great books on the market.

Add your tips peeps..... :)

Excellent idea Wally.

My 2c and it backs up the research side of things...

Don't ever go with the first thing you read and dont ever be afraid to make a mistake...
How about "If many flavours are offered to you on this forum, don't choose to be salty" :lol:
How about "Use the search bar" ;)
Buy books when researching. The internet is full of wrong or misleading information.

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