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nephrurus amyae

  1. G

    Bucket List............What is on your wish list??

    On my Bucket list is an Olive............ held one a Manly Aquarium once and it was huge....addicted from then on to Olives.....now just need to get the kids to move out so I can convert a room or two.
  2. J

    NSW Proven breeding pair of amyae

    Scientific Name amyae Common Name Rough Knob-tail gex Age nearly 3 yrs Size fully grown Quantity Available 1 pair General Description Trouble free. Feed well on dusted crickets. produced several clutches last season. have been cooled and I have spotted them mating once...
  3. levis04

    SA adult pai of amyae

    Scientific Name NEPH AMYAE Common Name centralian rough knob-tailed gecko Age 3 yrs Size adult Quantity Available 1 pair Bred By me General Description adutl pair ready to breed, need to move on. Location S.A rural Willing to Freight? yes for $80 Contact Details pm me License...

    Amyae out in daylight hours

    noticed one of my 3 6month old amyae has been out in daytime alot latley, is this a bad thing? amyone?
  5. Smithers

    Show Us Your,.....Strophurus Species

    I'll start,
  6. Gibblore


    Checked on these guys before i went to bed last night. The girl was digging in the lay box and this morning I found these. Picture of the pair, This is pair 5 from my other thread Eggs in laying container Eggs in incubation container
  7. timmy82

    NSW blackhead and woma pair pics added

    Species Common Name blackheaded, woma Age 10months Length 60cms Quantity Available 3 Bred By General Description one female blackhead,one male woma and one female woma, the woma pair are from different clutches and are unrelated. all are healthy handle great eat like pigs nice...
  8. K

    a few of the gecko clan

    more been a little while between posts ........ probably because of my little moderator planned holiday :lol: here are a few shots I have taken recently for those who follow my Facebook page you have probably already seen these but what he heck :) patternless pilb project , still on the go...
  9. Smithers

    Alternative food source

    Hey all ;) Can anyone tell me if setting up a culture of tiger worms to fed my geckos is a good thing please. And if there's any pro's or con's to doing so. Regards, Brett
  10. Mr_miyagi

    NSW Pair of smooth knob-tail geckos

    Scientific Name Nephrurus levis Common Name Smooth knob-tail gecko Age female is 2 years old and male is just under 2 years old Size pretty much full grown Quantity Available 1 pair General Description The male is the lighter one in the picture. Both are feeding on crickets and...
  11. mummabear

    Amyae Mating.

    I am very pleased that this pair have mated. She is 62g. Looking forward to her 1st clutch. They are my 2 favourite amyae..
  12. Ramsayi

    NSW amyae

    Scientific Name N.amyae Age various Bred By me 3 young sexed amyae(2 females, one male) $350/ea 1 yearling pair of amyae(both very light orange colour) $950/pair 3 breeding pairs of amyae $1000/pair 1 breeder female $500 Location sydney Willing to Freight? maybe Contact Details...
  13. shea_and_ruby

    So, anyone got any Amyae's incubating??

    We are picking some millis up for hubby for fathers day this coming weekend (thanks smithers :) ) and now hubby has told me that for my grad pressie i can get myself an amyae! super excited so wanting to know if anyone in nsw has any incubating at the moment or any little hatchies?
  14. HaberfieldsReps

    VIC Kimberly Mertens, Boyd's, Freckled monitor and Marbled Velvets

    Kimberly (WA) Mertens Water monitor juveniles: 2 months old, all feeding very well. Spectacular colours with lots of yellow. There are 7 available at $250 each. They are too young to sex at this age and are approximately 30cm total length at the moment. Boyd's Forest Dragons Juvenile Males: 2...
  15. killimike

    Hovabator Temperature Swings

    I just set up a standard hovabator for my gecko eggs, hooked up to a pulse proportional thermostat, with a thermometer to measure the temp. The thing is completely unusable, the element gets so hot that the temperature overshoots by an enormous margin. The thermostat is set at 28, but after it...
  16. B

    Amyae weight difference

    Hello all, just a little question for the wise onesI have 3 Amyae(f,f,m) all same age, kept in separate tubs but identical conditionsGirl 1 is a good eater and weighs in at 54gGirl 2 is a little fussy and weighs 42gAnd the boy, he's a cranky fella and a measly 31gI understand its normal for...
  17. F

    New Website for the IRS

    Just to let you all know that we have a 'new' website up and running. It looks fantastic! Huge thanks to Denuel (D3pro) and dickyknee for the pics. illawarrareptilesociety.com.au
  18. James_Scott

    VIC Breeding Amyae Female

    Scientific Name Nephurus Amyae Common Name Rough Knob Tailed Gecko Centralian Knob Tailed Gecko Age 3.5yrs Size 60Grams (BIG) Quantity Available 1 General Description Very friendly beautiful big girl Make an offer Location Mornington Willing to Freight? Yes Contact Details PM Me...
  19. marcmarc

    SA West Macdonnell Ranges Stimmie pair

    Species Common Name Age 3yo Quantity Available One M/F pair General Description One pair of locale-specific West Mac Stimson pythons. Beautiful temperament on both, and problem-free snakes in general. Both animals have been cooled and should breed this year, the male is showing...
  20. shea_and_ruby

    Gecko ID please

    So found some one selling a gecko and tank set up but he has no idea what type it is, and niether do i as i have no knowledge of geckos as of yet. so could some one please tell me what this little guy is? cheers
  21. James_Scott

    VIC Breeding age Amyae

    Scientific Name Nephrurus Amyae Common Name Rough knob tailed gecko Age 3.5yrs Size 60gms Quantity Available 1 Bred By ? General Description Big beautiful girl, Bred last year. Very friendly. Location Mornington Willing to Freight? yes Contact Details PM me License Number...
  22. The Reptile Outlet

    Scales & Tails Reptile Festival - Ipswich

    Exciting news just in: Any reptiles that are on a Qld Commercial License will be able to be sold at our Festival!!!!! :D We've been working with Parks to try to make this happen and the email confirming it has come through late this afternoon. There's a few I's to dot and a few T's to cross, but...
  23. patrick_vieira4

    N.Amyae info

    Hai guys! So my gecko obsession seems to have begun! After my first levis, I can't stop myself from thinking I need another gecko! So, heaps love the look of roughies. Something about their dinosaur-esque look I can't go past. And their face patterns - they seem unreal! So what are the different...
  24. yommy

    Gold Coast Expo pic's - Dial up warning

    Here a few pics from the GC Expo today. Not a bad turn out with plently to see. My only gripe was i couldn't get an f10 any where but there was plenty of other specials on offer. Still running today and tomorrow so if your in SE qld well worth a look. Other feel free to add pics some more
  25. ittybitty

    What type of Gecko??

    Sorry if this has been covered before guys, but I done a few searches, and came up with everything but what I was looking for. So if you can point me in the right direction I wont bother you any more, but I will ask my question anyway just in case.... I have always loved Gecko's but never...
  26. Trench

    stunning levis

    :shock: amel nlp
  27. mummabear

    Fertile and Infertile egg

    Just though i would share with you a picture of my winter amyae clutch. Shows what a fertile egg looks like in the early stages. These eggs are a little less than 1 week old. 1 fertile 1 infertile. I would love to see other pictures of fertile eggs at different stages of embryonic development if...
  28. IgotFrogs

    Levis Levis Egg this late into the season?

    Ok guy's, So i just got my new Enclosures all set up entertainment it converted into stimmies center hatchie / small snakey top shelf .... and 3 gecko enclosures either side ,,,, and it would seem my female levis likes her setup .... moved in night before last and laid a egg today i was so not...
  29. lgotje

    QLD female amyae

    Scientific Name nephrurus amyae Common Name rough knobtail gecko Age abit over 12 months Size very good size Quantity Available 1 Bred By craig wilson General Description very nice female amyae is a awesome feeder no heath issues what so ever selling due to does not fit into my...
  30. levis04

    SA amyae adult pair

    Scientific Name neph amyae Common Name centralian rough knob-tailed gecko Age 2 yrs Size adults Quantity Available 1 pair Bred By me and male by a mate General Description great looking amyae surplus to my needs, will swap them for a male laevissimus pair, or male and cash...
  31. S

    IMO very early

    A mate of mine here in Brisbane had his female woma lay eggs today l believe this to be incredibly early in the season, that will mean hatchies around the 11th of September...solar 17 (Baden)
  32. G

    NSW **Knobtail Clearout** last for this season - Stellatus, Levis & Amyae

    Scientific Name Nephrurus Stellatus, Levis & Amyae Common Name Starred Knobtail, Smooth Knobtail & Rough Knobtail Bred By Me General Description All feeding well on Woodies & Crickets. Stellatus Females 3-4 Months old $340 each (3 available) Welcome to Facebook - Log In, Sign Up or...
  33. crocka79

    nephrurus asper

    nephrurus amyae Hi all, Ive caught the gecko keeping bug bad! :) after geting my oedura im thinking about an amyae or two? they look frickn unreal and by what ive seen damn big in size for a geck! Are there any breeders in metro adelaide or counntry i can get in contact with and start looking...
  34. HaberfieldsReps

    VIC Various geckos, frillies and monitors

    We have the following available: - 1 adult pair of Kimberley (WA) Marbled Velvet Geckos. Originally wild caught on permit. Some of the best examples of this locality that I have seen. $600 for the pair. - 2 adult Freckled monitors (4 years old). Very light colouration and not often offered...
  35. HaberfieldsReps

    VIC Various Pythons

    More photos We have the following for sale: 6 month old Black and Yellow Jungle Pythons - all have had at least 15 unassisted feeds. Feeding well on thawed fuzzies or pinkies. In great health and starting to colour up very nicely. From good lines. There are 6 females and 4 males available...

    Underwoodisaurus or Nephrurus

    I noticed a while ago that on all the foreign forums, species that we refer to as Underwoodisaurus are classed as Nephrurus in other countries. I've had this debate with keepers overseas many times and I am always told that Underwoodisaurus that were once known as Nephrurus and briefly Phyllurus...
  37. Reptile_Maniac

    Decorating Enclosures

    Hi all my name is James (Reptilemaniac). I am Renovating all my gecko, lizard and frog enclosures and would like to know If anyone has any ideas what I should decorate my tanks with. Thanks, James Here is my old gecko enclosure: All help is appreciated :D
  38. James_Scott

    VIC Neph amyae for sale or swap

    Scientific Name Nephrurus amyaeCommon Name rough knob tailed gecko Age 4Sex femaleSize 60gramsQuantity Available 1Willing to Trade For common tree snake hatchy (golden form)General Description extremely tame big female amyae. Rest from breeding last season so is big and healthy and ready to go...
  39. James_Scott

    VIC Neph. Amyae swap or sell for $600

    Scientific Name Nephrurus amyaeCommon Name rough knob tailed gecko Age 4Sex femaleSize 60gramsQuantity Available 1Willing to Trade For common tree snake hatchy (golden form)General Description extremely tame big female amyae. Rest from breeding last season so is big and healthy and ready to go...
  40. knobtailedgecko

    Knob Tailed Gecko Thread

    all information will be great! i dont need the information but i feel bad for the people that do so this is information for all the people who want to learn about these species... i know i didnt find much information so i hope use do thankyou! + im getting a levis in a month :) :D OMG IM SO...
  41. raged

    NSW Nephrurus Amyae

    Scientific Name Nephrurus Amyae Common Name Centralian Rough Knob-tailed Gecko Age 2-3 months Size 50-60mm Quantity Available 3 Bred By Myself General Description Healthy amyae feeding well on roaches and crickets. Great addition to any collection. Location South West...
  42. knobtailedgecko


    does anyone know what exactly you need in an enclosure for a knob tailed gecko? if you dont necessarily need something please dont put it in or i will go buy it ;) :o cheers all sam
  43. redline

    Filling my 24 rack

    Hi All I have picked up a 24 racks from aussieracks. All setup and ready to go now. Any idea what can i fill them with?
  44. D

    What's your herp 'wishlist'?

    Pretty simple really, what is your 'wishlist' or what do you intend on buying? As for me; Morelia carinata, Pogona barbata, Antaresia stimsoni, Aspidites ramsayi, Acrochordus arafurae, Hypsilurus spinipes, Egernia hosmeri, Nephrurus amyae, Nephrurus asper, Tropidonophis mairii, Varanus storri...
  45. M

    Knobtail pictures - thread

    just thought it would be interesting to see pictures off all the diffirent knobtails around species coulors etc heres a couple of mine crap pics will try and get some better ones later will take some more soon as my collection has grown a bit since these were taken
  46. chondro09

    QLD Mertens Water Monitor 2yr old female

    Scientific Name Common Name mertens water monitor Age just over 2yrs Size around 3 and half foot Quantity Available 1 Bred By General Description Easy going monitor, able to be handled but does not enjoy it, feeds freely from hand and 95% sure she is a she, as my...
  47. RamsMice

    Super worms

    Hey I'm always Seeing super meal worm on here and in The shop. But are the actual super worms hard to get the ones that aren't overgrown with stuff the proper 'super worms'. Haven't seen any sold are these easy to get?
  48. jedohara

    knob tailed geckos??

    i have a tank about 1 1/2 feet would this b ok for 1 knob tail gecko seeming that they only grow to about 10-13cm ?? n what heating would i need and do they need uv light ? all new 2 the reptile game hahah:)
  49. CHEWY

    Sydney Gecko ID?

    As I am not too great with my gecko IDs, I'm throwing the ball to you. This little girl was given to me tonight by a mate who is a sparky. He was working on a water heater and found her in the electrical panel. She has large cheek pouches (like I've seen in Maddy Day Geckos) and appears to...
  50. N

    I want more herps haha!

    Pretty much since the first week I bought Akatora I instantly wanted more herps.. but have no idea what I want to get next.. I am only on my class 1 of course .. but this doesnt limit many options at all =] I love how addictive this hobby is and how truly fun it is.. especially if I can get...