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  1. J

    Wanted 1x female Amyae

    Looking to buy a female Nephrurus amyae, preferably adult but not required. I'm located in Victoria, happy to pay for shipping if required. PM me if you have one available! Thanks :)
  2. J

    Wanted 1x female Amyae

    Looking for a female Amyae, preferably 1 year or older but not required Will pay for shipping. Live in Victoria
  3. Driake

    WTB Female Amyae

    General Description Im after a female amyae preferably 1.5 years and older. Location Quakers hill NSW Willing to pay for Freight? Yes Contact Details Text or call on 0430227162
  4. M

    Help with smooth knob-tail gecko housing?

    Hey guys! I have a 4ft, 45g fish tank that i've decided to repurpose into a hopeful smooth knob tailed gecko tank. I have a couple questions that i want to ask, if you can't answer them all, thats fine :) -How many geckos could i keep in this tank? -I was thinking i could maybe breed them, is...
  5. Twiggz

    EOI - N.Amyae Trio & C.Louisiadensis Pair

    Taking expressions of interest for the following: Centralian Rough Knob Tailed Gecko (N.Amyae) - Breeding Trio 2 x Females; 1 x Male Ages: all approx. 3.5-4.5yrs old Have bred with success regularly each season. Ring Tailed Gecko (C.Louisiadensis) - Breeding Pair 1 x Female; 1 x Male Ages...
  6. Janelle22

    Gecko's for sale 1X asper 1X amyae

    For sale i have 1 Male Asper $250 1 Female Amyae $300 Getting out of geckos and these two i was not going to sell. both proven breeders will not freight. please call or text Elle on 0413955850 - - - Updated - - - Both sold
  7. Janelle22

    Wanted nephrurus amyae male

    Looking for a nephrurus amyae male. Im desperate for one as I just lost my male and now I have a female with no male to put with her this season.. Can anyone help?? Thanks - - - Updated - - - Hhheeeellllllppppp - - - Updated - - -
  8. F

    N.Amyae Female PROVEN BREEDER

    Scientific Name Nephrurus Amyae Common Name centralian knobtail gecko Age 3-4 Size large Quantity Available 1 General Description FOR SALE Female proven breeder N.Amyae huge girl that produced 3 healthy clutches for me this season focusing on other projects so looking to...
  9. HaberfieldsReps

    NT Frillies, S. Swainii, N. Amyae, Black headed monitors, Smooth Knob Tails (N. levis

    We have the following for sale: ? NT Hatchling Frillnecks ? 6 hatchlings available. Feeding well on roaches and are colouring up well. Robust healthy animals that have been vet checked. $350 each. ? Hatchling Black Headed Monitors (Varanus tristis tristis) ? 4 hatchlings available...
  10. C

    VHS purchases

    I would like to share what did purchase from VHS :) So what I bring home was mainly food, products and business cards however I also bought home this lovely pair of baby Varanus storri (Storr's monitors). Hopefully I will be breeding these when they mature. I believe these are male and female...
  11. F

    various geckos for sale (patternless, het, amyae)

    Scientific Name nephrurus levis levis nephrurus amyae Common Name smooth knobtail gecko Age various Size various Quantity Available 8 Bred By myself General Description have a few geckos up for sale 3 x female patternless levis levis (will be ready to breed next season) $600ea 1 x...
  12. Twiggz

    GECKOS FOR SALE: Amyae, Asper and C.Louisiadensis

    FOR SALE: 4 x Hatchling Ring Tailed Geckos (Class 2 license requirement). From 2 separate clutches of unrelated parents. $230ea or $400/pair. 1 x Hatchling N.Amyae. $250. 1 x Adult male N.Asper. $300. Real dark grey colouring. MUST be licensed. Will consider freight, at buyers...
  13. C

    Nephrurus Amyae Adult Female

    Scientific Name Nephrurus Amyae Common Name Centralian Knob Tail gecko Age 5 Size Quantity Available 1 Bred By General Description Location Newcastle Willing to Freight? Contact Details 0419416134 License Number (Required for NSW and SA Sellers) AKL 092629
  14. H

    Scaly-foot information/care sheets?

    I'm sorry if I've posted this in the wrong place! :) I recently freed up a 4ft tank which I believe I can house a scaly-foot in? I'm yet to start setting it up and plan to take advantage of the width and height of the enclosure. I was wondering if anyone may know/ have some info on them? I...
  15. blakes


    Scientific Name Nephrurus amyae Common Name Amyae Age 9 weeks Size Small Quantity Available 1 Bred By Me General Description Young amyae for sale, feeding and shedding well Location Wollongong Willing to Freight? No Contact Details 0411122090 License Number (Required for NSW...
  16. simon.chen

    want female amyae

    must be healthy,text 0450133799 or email [email protected]
  17. Chris1

    young amyae

    Scientific Name N. amyae Common Name Rough knob tailed geckos Age 3 months Size 4cms Quantity Available 2 Bred By me General Description After a month of tyre kicking these guys are back up for sale, no i will not hold them!!!! $300 each or 2 for $550...
  18. B

    Sexing N. amyae

    Hi everyone, This is my 2yr old N. amyae who I have always thought was female, but now I'm not so sure as I have had mixed comments... I know there are 'bumps' but they are not as pronounced as I have seen in pictures of known males, and I have seen some females who also have small bumps here...
  19. F

    Amyae hatchies.

    Scientific Name Nephrurus Amyae. Common Name Centralian rough knob-tail Gecko. Age 6 weeks. Size 6 weeks and getting bigger. Quantity Available 2 Bred By Me. General Description Eating well on dusted bugs, sex unknown and not guaranteed. Freight is no problem, buyers expense...
  20. B

    Disease transmission from snakes to lizards

    Hi everyone, I've been thinking recently about the diseases that seem to be popping up occasionally (sunshine virus, opmv, IBD etc.) and they seem to be genus specific. I've done a little google search but it hasn't been too successful so I thought I would put it out there. Are these diseases...
  21. Chris1

    Meet my mutants

    A few years ago i got lucky with a pair of amyae i bought, I never intended to breed them, but they bred before i got around to seperating them, i incubated the eggs, and out popped a new mutation. (the pink is hard to photograph, its a really nice clean looking pink) - - - Updated - - -...
  22. Chris1

    amyae hatchies!!

    Scientific Name Nephrurus amyae Common Name rough knob tailed geckos Age 2-4 months Size the size they should be for their age Quantity Available 4 Bred By me General Description Cute little geckos eating well and ready for new homes...
  23. HaberfieldsReps

    Amyae, Asper, Levis

    We have the following for sale: 7 x N. amyae hatchlings - $350 each 5 x N. asper hatchlings - $300 each 6 x N. levis hatchlings - $120 each or $600 for all 6. All are in guaranteed good health. Freight available for purchases greater than $500. $80 to AAE major city locations. Willing to...
  24. GeckPhotographer

    2 weeks in Central Australia.

    So just after Christmas I spent several weeks in the arid inland around Alice Springs and Yulara. I managed to find a few herps to take pictures of and thought I'd post them up here. Unfortunately flickr has recently changed how images are copied into forum threads (Making it much harder) and...
  25. Amynickid

    Why did you call your snake that?

    Hey guys, I have heard some funny and interesting stories on how peoples snakes got there names? I am posting this to ask for people to share their naming stories and names for entertainment. Cheers :) I have two stories one of my own and one of a old friends, my old friends first, had a Bredli...
  26. Trogdor

    Post your gecko set ups!

    Hey guys and girls, Looking at getting a gecko(levis levis) or two soon, I need some inspiration for the set up as i want everything ready before I even think about purchasing them. So please post some set ups and show off your lil guys, All set ups are welcome of course, and any tips and tricks...
  27. T

    A wild Taikionas appears. It casts noob.

    Hi peoples, I have been trying to look into ownership of lizards. I don't get a whole lot of time though so it's been a slow process. So far I've gotten: requires license of varying degree; can't get leopard gecko; environmental/dietary requirements differ; shouldn't be too hard to keep one...
  28. G

    Amyae hatchling

    Amyae - great little hatchling, sex unknown, eating well. $250 - pick up only Glenn - Gold Coast Ph: 0420 311 678
  29. GeckoJosh

    TRue Black Phase Common Tree-snake For sale/swap

    Species Common Name Black Phase Common Tree-snake Age 30 months Length 80cm Quantity Available 1 Bred By Breeders full name will be given on sale General Description I have a suspected female jet Black Phase Common Tree Snake that I am thinking of moving on, preferably I would like...
  30. F

    Sheai geckos.

    Scientific Name Nephrurus Sheai. Common Name Kimberley rough knob-tail gecko. Age 2 months. Size Hatchie. Quantity Available 4 Bred By Me. General Description Have for sale 2 pairs of Sheai geckos. $1100 each off different parents. Mothers of the pairs are sisters. Eat like pigs and...
  31. snakes123

    Guess whos back

    So i got out of keeping for a while, i sold most of my animals. But I have the time to get back into reptiles now ! Pretty cool to see whats out there now. Went to the Castle Hill expo yesterday and brought myself home a little wheeleri. Keen to get back into keeping and breeding Geckos and snakes !
  32. Tigerlily

    Do you have small pet geckos/skinks/lizards?

    And if you do, would you be willing to part with some of their shed skin? My new common tree snake will only eat pinkie mice if they've been scented with live gecko fragrance (her last owner fed purely live geckos and skinks; she won't even eat fish)... I tried rubbing gecko poo and it doesn't...
  33. reptalica

    2014 Victorian Herpetological Society Show - Royal Melbourne Showgrounds - Feb 22nd.

    Who's going??? Who's not????? I'll be there with bells on......plan to get there at opening unlike last year and missed out on all the good stuff. A year older into the hobby now and a year more experienced so should be able to embrace the experience that much more and hoping to catch up with...
  34. swampie

    Adult male Amyae

    Hi guys, I'm chasing an adult male Amyae to go with my female, will also consider females as well.... May also be interested in some adult wheeleri. If you have any or know someone willing to part with the above mentioned please let me know or forward my details to the person who has...
  35. A

    first time gecko what should it be ?

    hi im looking at getting a gecko and im wondering what would be a great first time gecko and if you have a link to a basic care sheet would be extra awesome
  36. I

    Couple new enclosures iv built up over the holidays

    Took an extra 2 weeks of long service leave to work on my 4wd, as it turned out the wife had to go back to work early so iv had the kids too, all I could do was work on tanks. So I did some renovating and prep work. Leaf tails: Moved the Gillens to a new enclosure, this has been scaped for an...
  37. Chris1


    Scientific Name N. amyae Common Name rough knob tailed geckos Age couple of months Size good for their age Quantity Available 2 Bred By me General Description Cute little geckos eating well and looking for nice homes Location hornsby...
  38. reptilezac

    NSW caging regulations regarding geckos

    I need some help in regarding the cage size I house my geckos N.levis and U.milli in a rack systems but with the new caging regulation NSW as set what size tubs do I need to get for them ?? Please help! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  39. G

    Nephrurus amyae

    Hatchling amyae. Well coloured animals - $500 pr Prefer not to freight. Glenn - Gold Coast - Ph: 0420 311 678 - - - Updated - - - 1 sold, 1 still available.
  40. swampie

    Albino Darwin carpet python hatchies

    Species Common Name Darwin or Northwestern carpet python Age 8 weeks Length 35 cm Quantity Available ??? Bred By me General Description Feeding well on hopper/weanling mice. Have shed twice. Location Deception Bay, Qld Willing to Freight? sorry, not...
  41. Unclewo-wo


    I have a fascination with pictures of eyes so let's see your best pictures of reptile eyes Is your top lip going to support it?
  42. I


    0404091815 pair! Text me! - - - Updated - - - Thanks all not sure how to delete thread..
  43. I


    Xbox 360 etc. swap for any aged knob tailed geckos cash adjustment if more then 1-2 knobs - - - Updated - - - 0404091815 text - - - Updated - - - or amyae
  44. reptalica

    Knob tail gecko purchased today.

    Today we added to our fast growing reptile collection by adding a gorgeous little knob tail gecko. First off, we haven't kept geckos before but have had experience with beardies, netted's and the like. Just been doing some research on care sheets etc and have found some useful information...
  45. Benskene

    Banded knob-tail Gecko

    Common name: Banded Knobtail Gecko Scientific name: N. Wheeleri Age: 1.5 Bred by: me Price: $75 Description: healthy very pale in colour, at night his stripes are white. Loves his food. Has a re grown tail ( as much as wheeleri's regrow their tails ) his name is Stumpy. Make a good pet or...
  46. G

    WTB- Nephrurus amyae.

    Hello everyone, Im preferably looking for a breeding pair of Nephrurus amyae, but will take any age including hatchlings. Located in the Penrith, NSW. Contact through PM. Thanks, Brett.
  47. P

    Spiny tail gecko incubation

    So last night my female was acting weird so I created a burrow at the bottem of her branch and this Morning there was an egg. So the question is what incubation temps do I need, the incubators on 27-29 at the moment due to Beardie eggs is this temp suitable ? Many thanks
  48. paulyjarman

    hi looking for a pair of Nephrurus amyae

    hey guys im looking to extend my gecko collection, so im looking to buy a male and female Nephrurus amyae non related pair (preferabley in melbourne) hopping to get a young pair but 1 is fine so pm me if you would like to sell thanks paul
  49. oOLaurenOo

    Anyme for sale

    Scientific Name Nephururs amyae Common Name Amyae Age 3 Size Adult Quantity Available 1 Bred By Unknown General Description Nice healthy adult male. Lost my house so need to sell most of my collection. Very regretful sale he is a really nice gecko. Location Maitland/Newcastle...
  50. Nephrurus1

    Nephrurus amyae (young pair)

    Scientific Name Nephrurus amyae Common Name Centralian Knob Tailed Gecko Age 5 months Size Approx 8cm Quantity Available 1x young pair (will not separate) Bred By Me General Description Young pair of amyae that are eating well and growing rapidly. Great markings and colourings. In...