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    Hi, I’m looking to get my 2nd python in addition to a children’s python. I’m keen on getting a diamond python. I’ve read a fair bit about their different temperature requirements compared to your regular carpet pythons.

    1)I’m planning on getting a hatchling, would it be appropriate to keep this in the same size enclosure as a children’s python hatchling? It is your standard hatchling enclosure, about 40x50x40 (Length, Height, Depth)

    2) As a hatchling should I keep its heat-Matt on from 7am-8pm? Or 24/7?

    3) At what age/size should I upgrade its enclosure?

    4) Would I be correct in thinking that a yearling/sub adult diamond python would only require heat for about 4 hours a day? Then the rest just at ambient temperatures?

    5) Should I reduce its heat more in winter once it reaches 12-18 months?

    Thankyou so much in advance :)

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