feeding spotted python


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First time snake owner here, long time reptile lover. I have an 11 month old spotted python. Love the little guy to death. I fed him a fuzzy mouse on Monday, planned to feed him another on Saturday (every 5 days) and now am finding out I have to leave Saturday morning for a family emergency and likely won’t get back until Tuesday. Tuesday would be 8 days after I fed him. I have someone who will come in to check the temps and fill the water but cannot feed my snake. Should I feed him Friday (4 days since last meal) or Tuesday (8 days since last meal)? He is a fantastic eater and never turns down a meal. I’m just a jittery first timer who wants their precious snake to be healthy and happy.


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At 11 months, I would be expecting feeds to be stretched out a bit anyway. Honestly, in this situation I wouldn't stress. Personally, I'd just feed when you're back. Snakes can go months without food if they need to. He won't hate you, nor will he punish you like he would if he was a cat!! Snakes are good like that.