My Stimson’s First clutch of eggs!! Eeek!!

Discussion in 'General Reptile Discussion' started by DragonKells, Jan 13, 2019.

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    So I’m pretty excited about my Stimmi pair producing their first clutch of eggs and needed to share as everyone around here is tired of my enthusiasm! Haha ;) It’s a first for me too but all seems to be going well, I’m allowing her to maternally incubate. She has rejected one egg that I assume is a slug? I think she has 5 left in there (as I estimated 6 ovum that were clearly visible when she was Gravid) they are due to hatch around the 10th of feb and I can barely contain my excitement!! I have the temp around 30c and the humidity around 40% that’s as high as I can manage to keep it, hopefully that is humid enough?

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