Neph levis behaviour questions

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Hi there
I’ve got a pair of 18 month old NL’s that I’ve had for a few weeks.
I have them in a 2 foot tank with warm end at 27. The first week I had them they were quite actively feeding every 2nd or 3rd day but spending most of their time in their warm hide. The last week, the female just stays in the warm hide and will hunt but is not eating as much as she was previously, and the male is staying in his burrow at the cool damp end.
I’ve been digging near him on feed night every couple of days which he protests with a squeak when I dig near his head! But he then emerges and will have a feed.

The female did bury herself in a cool burrow a week or so ago but hasn’t done so again.
My understanding is that they would normally bury themselves during the day in cool damp sand, then hunt at night and bask on warm sand at night also.

Does this all sound normal or do I need to change something? Should I just leave the male alone? I plan to increase temps gradually by a few deg in a couple of weeks
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