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Is it a good idea to keep a diary of when I feed my python and when it sheds?

Is there anything else to document?

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Its a great i idea!! Then you can keep track of when to feed it next.. or maybe if it doesn't take the feed. Write it down for sure i say.. with the sheds its not really a big deal as you can sort of tell when there about to shed. What python ya got? :)

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I recorded every feed and every slough of all my snakes until I was up to about 20 snakes, and then it just became unmanageable, but in my first 2-3 years of keeping snakes it was useful for getting to know their patterns and keep track of things. I also had fun back then as a teenager making graphs of the amount they'd eaten, how quickly they were growing, slough rates, etc. These days it generally wouldn't teach me anything I don't already know or help me with much as I have the experience to know how to recognise things, but I still write down feeds and sloughs on young hatchlings, and record prelay sloughs etc.

Keeping basic records definitely can't hurt :) You'll know when you're experienced enough to stop bothering, and in the mean time you can write down anything you think might be useful.


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I'm using the "my reptiles" app for iPhone. You can choose type and size of good etc to record

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