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What do get next- suggestions?

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Well, it's that time of year again when I'm sure all you guys have got your eggs cooking away in your incubators, and I'm over here jumping up and down waiting for some babies!

Ive got a R1 NSW license, so I don't feel all that limited in what snakes I can buy.

Ive currently got a Stimsons and a Woma- both lovely animals but I'm looking for something a bit different.

Ive got my eye on a whole range of Pythons: (in no particular order)
- Diamonds
- Black Headed
- Murray Darling
- Jungle

I am looking for something with a fair amount of size to it- my Stimsons is only a little guy, and the Woma's parents were both under 1.3m from memory (although at only 8 months old he's almost 3 foot), and I'm wanting something bigger.

Diamonds have always been a fascination of mine- you just can't have an ugly looking one whether or not they're high yellow, black and white or green all over.
What is making me hesitant is I've heard that they're more suited to an outdoor enclosure than an indoor one, and I'm not able to build an outdoor enclosure.

Black headed pythons are probably one of the first I was introduced to when I was younger- they were what I thought of when someone said 'snake' and I do love some of the animals I've seen. No real issue with them, other than they are rather similar to a Woma and I do what something a little bit different.

Murray Darlings are also beautiful animals- I love the black/blue/silver ones that I've seen around and would love to add one to the collection. Biggest issue I've got with these guys are I can't seem to find many breeders around who are selling hatchling black/silvers- they're all either much more red in colour of several years old.

And last but not least, Jungles! I've got to say the black/yellow ones are stunning- drop dead gorgeous snakes. I'm only holding myself back from one of these as I've heard they can be fussy, bitey and mainly arboreal.

As both my current snakes are terrestrial snakes, I've got no idea on how I should be setting up an arboreal enclosure and how I would go about heating one- currently I've just got heat mats running off in-built thermostats with a seperate thermometer double checking everything, and I don't think that would work for an arboreal snake.

Any others suggestions, or any tips on how I should go about doing this?


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Thats a big wish list mate. All of your morelia species will need room to climb. The more the better i think. Personally my jungles dont spend any more or less time on their branches than my other carpets. I dont think its any more difficult to set up a carpet enclosure. I use a heat emitter and a on/off thermostat positioned in the middle of the enclosure. I just find it easier to get the temp gradient right with it there. A few branches and a hide and youre set. Diamonds like it a bit cooler but its not any harder to set up. Jungles can be bitey but so can all of them. I havent found them to be overly fussy. Maybe when youre converting them from mice to rats but a lot of my snakes did that.

My advice would be to pick a species you like and reach out to those who have had them for tips. This forum is a great place to ask.

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This is the short list xD
I had a dozen species in mind but these are my top picks.

Im more than happy to buy an appropriate sized tank- I've got an empty corner in my 'reptile room' that's just begging to be filled by a large enclosure.

ill probably just set up a basic arboreal enclosure and go to an expo next year and have a look at the snakes up close and personal.

thanks for sharing your wisdom :)
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