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  1. StonedSquirtlee

    Possible RI or Cage Defensive

    Hey Guys, first time poster, long time reader. I got an Albino Darwin, beautiful little fella. I'll list out the enclosure and temps and stuff first to stop anyone "not enough information, don't know blah blah" Enclosure: 80hX90wX60d (it came with him, I know I need a new one as he's almost 8ft...
  2. A

    Questions about shingleback skinks - first reptile

    Hi everyone! Long time lurker, first time poster. I’ve been interested in getting reptiles for a long time and I’m finally in a position to get one. At this point I’m in the research stage and I’m looking into shinglebacks. My hope is to get a pair of “hatchies” (I know they give birth to live...
  3. X

    Stimsons Not Feeding

    Hi there, I’m a first time snake owner with a 7 month old Stimsons Python. He was feeding relatively well for the first 3-4 months. He’s shed twice (both clean full sheds) and the last shed was just before winter. Now I haven’t been able to get him to eat for almost 3 months. He shows interest...
  4. H

    First time snake owner

    Hi all, first time snake owner here. I have a roughly 8 month old Children’s Python, I have had it for around 5 months. It always handled well and only tagged me once when I scared it. A few weeks ago I went to pick it up to handled it, but it was around feeding day and it mistook my finger...
  5. R

    First Snake Enclosure

    Would a 5L plastic container be a good first enclosure for a hatchy/juvie Children's python? It's 33cm x 24cm x 11cm
  6. A

    Pygmy bearded dragon help

    Hi there :) I've very recently bought a pygmy bearded dragon (around four days ago) and I'm not sure what to do with a few things and i have a few questions... I'm not sure how old she is? the people I got her from said that she was born late December to early January maybe, but she is quite...
  7. S

    first time snake owner - Bredli or Spotted?

    Hey All! hope you're having a wonderful day. I'm a first time snake mama, and i was initially advised to get a Spotted Mac as they are a great first time snake... but then was advised to get a Bredli as they are very docile... I've been doing research and i just kind of seem to get mixed...
  8. thatawesomenerd

    Looking to get first reptile

    hi all, I'm planning on getting an eastern blue tongue (my first reptile) and I have been doing some research but I really wanted to ask people with experience rather than just trust Google. What is the best setup/how do I correctly set up an enclosure such as heating and all of that kind of...
  9. cheesecake10001

    Beginner/ First Snake suggestions please

    Hi guys! this is my first time on this forum and also my first time getting a snake. I've been looking into the Murray Darling Carpet Pythons, Centralian Carpet Python or Children's python which are the ones they sell near where I live. I also have a few questions: 1. Which one of these snakes...
  10. rainmonitors

    Best first time lizard?

    Hello all! I've been considering getting a lizard before I could even legally get a license for myself, and now it's 7 years later. I'm seriously contemplating owning one soon, and have been doing a lot of research into what species I should get. However, I'm still not 100% sure and would love...