1. MissChams

    banjo frogs: keeping different sized frogs together

    Hello! I was wondering if anyone had experience keeping banjo frogs, or frogs in general, of different sizes together? In your experience, what is the maximum difference in size before there is a risk of the smaller one getting eaten? I currently only have frogs of similar sizes, but was...
  2. Mitella

    2 days of herping in NSW.

    G'day guys and gals, here's a new video out of part of my big trip I had in Jan this year. More clips will follow up, hope you enjoy! Cheers, Mitella
  3. H

    NSW WTB Dainty Tree Frogs NSW

    In search of Dainty Tree Frogs. Located in Newcastle nsw but happy to travel within reason.
  4. honkygeo

    Heat Lamps vs Water Heater (Frogs)

    Hi everyone! For a while now I've been looking into adopting some Australian green tree frogs but I want to be 100% prepared, especially when it comes to setting up a vivarium for the first time. For the vivarium's heat source, is it better to get a heat lamp or water heater? From what I...
  5. C

    Spotted marsh frog and little cherry shrimp?

    I'm pretty new to keeping frogs so I just got a few little marsh frogs, I have done a bit of research and have them in a medium sized tank and they are doing well. I was not able to come across any information about if you can keep them in tanks with other animals such as a cherry shrimp, I was...
  6. A

    URGENT Frog help: bubble under skin

    Hello, everyone. We were Gerni-ing today and hurt one of the precious little frogs we have living around our house. They're Litoria serrata, or Green-eyed frogs if you were wondering. I'm guessing it was hit with a blast of water, as there is a bubble on its back, presumably full of water, and...
  7. eipper

    QLD Reptile Apparel

    We love animals. We also love quality. All images in our extensive photo library have been taken by Scott and Tie Eipper and are an accumulation of many years work. All images are copyrighted to Nature 4 You. Images from our vast collection are carefully chosen and edited to produce the clearest...
  8. T

    Southern Brown Tree Frog (Litoria ewingii) and Marbled gecko compatibility?

    Recently, my large female marbled gecko died of old age (on christmas morning aswell!) and left my smaller, 12 cm female all alone. I was in the process of getting another female for the terrarium, when i remembered seeing marbled geckos and brown tree frogs in abundance together, even...
  9. M

    Choosing a frog for my arboreal tank (edited)

    Hi, I've got an empty Reptile One terrarium that is 45(w)x45(b)x55(h)cm. I'm thinking of doing it up as a vivarium with just plants for now and adding an animal to it later on (yes, I know the work involved). I can set up the tank with or without an aquatic section. What animal can people...
  10. naivepom

    A Few Critters From Christmas In Melbourne And Yarrawonga

    I made my annual pilgrimage from the UK to Melbourne this Christmas to spend time with my wife's family. After so many visits I tried my best to find new spots rather than tried and tested locations. Going was tough for snakes as for some reason the grass was really tall this year but still...