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    Green Tree Python Heating

    Hi all. I'm preparing for my first Green Tree Python and have just finished The More Complete Chondro. It seems that Greg recommends heat panels over everything else in terms of creating a decent temperature gradient. After a bit of googling it seems these are absolutely nowhere to be found in...
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    QLD Green Tree Python Breeders?

    Hello everyone! I'm new on the forum so hopefully, I've posted this in the right location (if I haven't please enlighten me). I have been trying to track down a reputable breeder for Green Tree Pythons, and have come across a whopping 3 breeders in Australia... none of which have any available...
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    Green tree python worth?

    Picking up my first gtp hatchling in a couple of weeks and I'm overly excited. But as the prices fluctuate so much I'm just curious as to if I'm paying the right price. It's a sorong x aru x biak with high yellow and mite phase in its lines First time posting so unsure if this was the right...
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    Green Tree Pythons NSW

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone knows of a reputable GTP breeder in NSW? Looking to get my first Green Tree Python later this year and want to know a good breeder where I can get one in NSW. Also would appreciate any tips or whats books to read prior to purchasing one. Thanks
  5. Close up head shot

    Close up head shot

    He has a lil remaining shed on his neck. Damn you winter. Household heaters and dry air.
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    Green tree python lighting and heating.

    So ATM I'm currently converting an old Balinese cabinet into an enclosure for a GTP. The enclosure dimensions are 800 high X 1000 wide X 600 deep. Any suggestions on where to get a heat panel big enough for the enclosure and the best way to supply UV in the cabinet? All while trying to do it as...
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    I'm hoping to get a GTP! Any tips?

    Are GTPs aggressive? I know they have longer teeth than most pythons but are they okay with being handled? What size enclosure is necessary? I have heard something about a 'fragile stage'...? Any other useful info?