niveoscincus orocryptus


  1. BredliFreak

    Show us your rare herps!

    Show off your uncommonly kept or rare herps, or rare/interesting things you have found. Pics are wanted, but if you can give me evidence of rare stuff you have seen without pics then that is OK too. One of mine (well, my brother found it): Masked rock skink (Liopholis margaretae margaretae)...
  2. Umbral

    Overdue Pics -VERY PIC HEAVY-

    Honeymoon in Port Douglas: Black Mountain: I didn't get to see the monitor but found the black mountain skink which was very unperturbed by our presence and was really fun to watch. If you haven't seen Black Mountain before it is a truly unique place and well worth the trip if you are...
  3. R

    Advice on baby Skink

    So I was giving the dog a bath and noticed a large hole in the dirt. We have had quite a lot of Wolf spiders at the moment and the kids are a little worried about em so I put the hose down it to see if it would come out.... as you do! After a while, these little white things came up and I...
  4. jordo

    Lets play a game

    I recently returned from what can only be described as an epic herping trip around Qld and we found quiet a few animals that aren't so commonly encountered so what better way to test your ID skills. If you want to take a guess at the animals please justify why you ID'd it as you did (I'm...
  5. caliherp

    ignorant Californian

    hello Aussie herp keepers. I was wondering about the legalities of keeping reptiles in Australia?
  6. mummabear

    Black Mountain

    Over the New Year break, I headed up to Black Mountain hoping to see the Black Mountain Gecko Nactus galgajuga. Unfortunately, I did not see any, but met my new favourite reptile, the Black Mountain Skink Liburnascincus scirtetis. I can't believe such a small herp has so much character and...
  7. Tassie97

    New Rankinia diemensis

    :D classic mnt drag basking position :) he is a cool lil fella
  8. Tassie97

    NEW Hyper? Blotched Bluey!

    hello got this bluey removed about 23 ticks but still a few more isnt she an interesting colour is she a stage of hyper? het maybe? and is it a boy or a girl thanks :) I can keep her cause i have a Tasmanian herp permit (just for all the APS experts)
  9. Tassie97


    Hi this is for school do you think the Tasmanian reptile laws should be as follows? Agamidae (Dragons) Rankinia diemensis (Mountain Dragon) Scincidae (Skinks) Acritoscincus duperreyi (Three-lined Skink) Cyclodomorphus casuarinae (She-oak Skink) (endemic) Egernia whitii (White's Skink)...
  10. D

    Guess - Lizard

    Same rules as 'Guess'.
  11. Tassie97


    Im going to try and put in a poll what are your thoughts on Tasmanians importing Australian pythons and reptiles as Tasmania has no pythons and very few lizards that can be kept as pets please poll (if it works) and post what you think :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:
  12. N

    i'm looking for breeder

    hello, do you know some tasmanian breeder ? i come from france and i can't find tasmanian reptiles breeder on the net. thank you for your help
  13. StephenZozaya

    Cape York Peninsula, Queensland

    Salutations forumites, First a few warnings. There is quite a lot of text in this post as a consequence of the amount of material. Feel free to skip it and look at the pretty pictures if you please. Also, the photos in this post were taken with both a Canon DSLR and an Olympus point-and-shoot...
  14. moloch05

    Tasmania finale

    My work commitments in Tasmania have sadly come to a close. I have had a great time in the past year with frequent trips to Hobart. My wife often accompanied me and this has felt much like a working holiday. On occasion, I was able to take a break and we would hire a car and head to the wild...
  15. moloch05

    Hartz Mountain NP, TAS

    It may be late autumn in Tasmania but the weather this past week was surprisingly mild. Thursday was clear and fairly warm in Hobart (18C), so I decided to take the day off work. I headed with my wife to Hartz Mountain National Park in south-central Tasmania. I have visited this park on four...
  16. moloch05

    pics from Hartz Moutain and Mt. Wellington, Tasmania

    I had a day off work today here in Hobart so I hired a car and headed off to Hartz Mountain National Park in the southwest of Tasmania. I have visited this park four times during the summer and early autumn and on each visit, it was cold and often snowing. This visit was not much different and...
  17. moloch05

    a trip to Mt. Field National Park, Tasmania

    Last Sunday, my wife and I visited Mt. Field National Park in the south-central portion of Tasmania. This park is only about an hour's drive from Hobart. After entering the park, we continued up the road to the "high-country" (1000m) near Lake Dobson. The day was cool but we had a...
  18. basketcase

    tasmanian members

    do we have any ? im interested in what herp laws r like down there