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  1. B

    Diamond Python Care

    Hi guys! Its that time of year again when im looking at snagging a new snake at next years Expo- and as of now I've narrowed my list down to a Diamond Python (or perhaps a Jungle, but I'm 100% certain it will be an arboreal species). Just a few general questions- I would really appreciate any...
  2. C

    Behind the Scenes at Melbourne Museum

    So today I spent time behind the scenes with Simon Hinkley, Peter Mariot, Patrick, and Wendy (last names unknown) at Melbourne Museums live exiberts and entomolgy departments. I also spent time within the museum befire heading behind the scenes looking at a variety if displays from medical to...
  3. B

    Sand monitor care

    Hey. Myself and my father have been thinking of a keeping a sand monitor as our next herp. I would love to see some of your enclosures and any tips and tricks you may have. I would also appreciate a full care sheet cause i cant seem to find one anywhere on the internet!:)
  4. KingsReptiles

    Crossbreeding Questions...

    Hi all, i was wondering if these species can and will crossbreed, as i am making a large outdoor lizard enclosure with a few of these species hoping for them to breed with their same species and sell the babies but i don't want them crossbreeding. Can Blotched Blue Tongues breed with Eastern...
  5. billygt

    Bearded dragon, blue tongue or any other ideas

    Hi everyone im new to this site [noob alert:oops:] and ive been doing TONS of research over the two lizards and im still debating over the 2. i have other reptiles so im not new to the passion but i want something with personality. if you have any other great reptiles leave them below as well...
  6. T

    Outdoor water dragon enclosure?

    Hi guys n gals i live in south Australia and looking at setting up a nice enclosure for a water dragon just looking for info, re, SA weather to cold for a dragon to live outside permanently? apart from a nice pond to swim in is there anything else I might need, maybe a shelter? looking for...
  7. N

    Eastern Water Dragon Taming

    Hi all, I've had my little EWD for a month now, he's going a good 2-3 months old now. Enclosure is 60cm x 40cm x 40cm. I've had no luck with taming him compared to my beardies. Other than trying to get him used to handling/used to me I've been trying to get him to the idea of been put into a...
  8. Herpo

    Finally, PICS!

    Hi all, OK, so I know I promised you pics of that eastern water dragon I saw at Maleny a few months back. And I finally got around to it! Tried to post in the other thread, but won't bump. Not the best pics, but the lizard looks pretty damn good. Cheers, Herpo
  9. BredliFreak

    What have you been bitten by?

    What have you been bitten by? Categories apply Skink: Small skinks (i.e eulamprus, saproscincus pseudemoia lampropholis). Blueys have tried (inlcuding pet one), haven't been bitten yet and am very paranoid lol Dragon: Many jackies Geckos/pygopods: Christinus marmoratus, once Monitors: none...
  10. R

    Water dragons and their enclosures

    Hey everyone, happy new year. Interested to hear from people who have/have had these awesome lizards and check out any photos you're willing to share. What size tanks do you have for them? What sort of filtering/other equipment for the water do you use? My eastern water dragon is a super...
  11. W

    Lake Cathie

    I have been staying around Lake Cathie for the Christmas break and got to play with my new lens, a Tamron 150-600mm, and had some fun with it. Not many reptiles but this thread may be added to. Eastern Water Dragon (Intellagama lesueurii) Lace Monitor (Varanus varius) I have found two of...
  12. Herpo

    Maleny so Far...

    God I love this place, The people are so friendly, and it is just a beautiful place overall. Visiting the market, we bought some delicious homemade jams and relishes and some wood burnt art from a very talented elderly woman. But, I wanted herps, and so far, I have a few, but no photos. I was...
  13. G

    EWD problem

    Hi everyone, lately i have moved my ewd into an outdoor cage measuring roughly 4x3m and everything is fine apart from the fact it never recognizes its food unless its live and moving well, it completely ignores any fruit/veg, dead meat or sometimes even meal worms. Previously in an indoor cage...
  14. greggles91

    Eastern Water Dragon - Adult Female

    Hi All, Looking for an adult Female Eastern water dragon to go into my outdoor enclosure. Regards, Greggles
  15. pythonmum

    Best herps (and other ectotherms) for schools

    Next year I start a new position as Head of Environmental Education at my school. I will oversee a large outdoor area, a small indoor area and some native bees (Trigona), goldfish and hens. (The goldfish are in a lovely formal pond, but you never see them.) A blue tongue lives in the garden, but...
  16. mad_at_arms

    WTB Eastern Water Dragon Adult Male

    Looking for an adult Eastern water dragon for outdoor enclosure. Prefer pick up but might look at freight Pm with picture and prices
  17. RoryBreaker

    Toilet bowl carpet python
  18. BredliFreak

    What's happening?

    Basically, I want an update. How collections are going, herps you are seeing and wish list stuff etc. As for me, I've got a couple of updates. Red and Lizzie are going strong, snuggly and placid as usual. Red made his first public appearance when I showed off my new cage I'm working on at a...
  19. K

    Dragon photos

    Hi, I didn't see anywhere recent where people could share pictures of their dragons. I'd love to see everyone's dragons! Here are some of mine. Gippsland water dragon Baby gippsland Central netted Central beardies Eastern water dragons
  20. Stuart

    2016 Calendar Photo Competition

    The Photo Competition to get your photo featured in the 2016 Aussie Pythons and Snakes calendar is now open. It is a simple competition where you can upload up to 3 photos to our Gallery for consideration by a chosen few as well as some independent persons (to avoid favoritism) who will pick the...
  21. H

    Second Hand enclosure fitting out for EWD

    A lil thread to update on my current project, i acquired a 110cm wide, 55cm deep, 160cm high plywood enclosure which I'm setting up for my Eastern Water dragon. Got dad to help me build a pond section and I'm currently coating it with cabots water based varnish to protect all the wood. Next...
  22. timothyng1998

    Semi Aquatic enclosure building ideas

    Started off building the Frame. It's built around a 4ft fish tank. A shelf (ground level) was fitted into the frame and a hole was cut it to it for access to the water. I measured and fitted foam around the opening which will then be covered and sealed with grout Qubelock aluminium frame...
  23. H

    Rehomed EWD Update!

    Hello again guys, I posted awhile back about a Water Dragon I rescued off of a friend: I finally remembered to do an update on him, (Now dubbed...
  24. B

    Share your collection

    Hey all, Just looking for some inspiration. Wishing to upgrade my current reptile collection, I was wondering whether you could all contribute and tell me yours? Photos would be fantastic My current collection consists of 2x Central Netted Dragons 1x Central Bearded Dragon 2x Smooth Knob...
  25. princessparrot

    Info on Womas

    Info on Womas and water dragons Ok so I know this isn't showing her but anyway, Would anybody have any tips on breeding/incubating womas?I'd like to try to breed my girl one day but am not overly confident in incubating the eggs myself. How difficult is it and what are the survival chances of...
  26. H

    Rehomed EWD with swollen foot, kinked tail and toe nails falling out.

    Hello, I recently took in an EWD from a friend. He is around 6-8 years old and measures roughly 20cm, which to my knowledge is half the size he should be, probably more? He was in a small tank with no UV or water to submerge in, fed on meal worms and pellets. I had him in a temp 3ft tank and...
  27. RoryBreaker

    400+ species found in feral cats stomachs Some selected paragraphs from the article. "Virtually every reptile, small mammal and bird in Australia is vulnerable to cat predation so they're a really serious threat," he told the SA Late Afternoons program."I've found some amazing...
  28. geckoboy2001

    Looking To Get A New Dragon But Not A Beardie.Your Opinion

    Hi I'm looking to get into a new breed Of Dragon But not A Beardie. Im currently looking into Netted Dragon what Opinion On A Nice Dragon
  29. F

    what paint to use for a diy waterfall and basking platform ?

    hi i hav a 6x2x2 ft tank which i have 2 turtles and a few fish in. i plan on putting an eastern water dragon in aswell so its only bout a 1/3 full of water and i hav a few branches and bits of driftwood coming out of the water. i wanted a waterfall and decided rocks would b to space consuming...
  30. M

    Reptile at Blue Mountains NP: ID please!

    Hello everybody, can anyone ID this nice fellow? I found this one at the Blue Mountains NP in November 29th, 2009. Thanks in advance and best regards, Mario
  31. N

    Best type of beginner lizards

    Ok so you must be getting sick of me now but before I choose and start researching a lizard I can take care of. so i have a 1 foot tank I don't mind if it needs a heat mat, but a heat lamp won't work as I have no space to put it in. so if you could tell me a few species ON THE BASIC LICENSCE...
  32. NickGeee

    Recent Vic Herping

    Some Recent herping within melbourne and the grampians. Pretty common yet pretty cool skink Ctenotus robustus by nickgalereptiles, on Flickr Awesome to see these guys in habitat, Black rock skink. Egenia Saxatillis by nickgalereptiles, on Flickr Another favorite Tiliqua rugosa by...
  33. C

    Expandafoam or Plaster of Paris

    Hey people, I'm after some advice, I'm going to make some backgrounds for my enclosures and wonder what would be best out of these two, expandafoam or plaster of paris. Also what sealant would I use to keep moisture out. Any help would be good thanks.
  34. N

    Rough knob tailed gecko

    Smooth knob tailed gecko Hey guys so I was reading about smooth knob tailed geckos and they look really cool I heard they don't need a heat lamp or mat is this true because if it is I might consider getting a pair cheers
  35. Native_EWD

    Species Misidentification and Licensing

    G'day all. Looking for some advice & opinions on how to deal with this matter. Recently I purchased two adult v.acanthus, turns out they are actually V.storri, the bloke I bought them off had them on license as acanthus. Wondering how should I approach this, should I let NSW licensing know...
  36. Dr-Zoidberg


    So I have a frillneck that won't drink from his water bowl ever. I mist him and he drinks from the end of a syringe aswell. I've read that moving water often entices them to drink, does anyone use waterfalls in their enclosures and do you find them to be a better option?
  37. R

    Wild black eastern blue tongues in Vic

    Hi I have recently seen a post where someone found a black eastern blue tongue around the Bellarine peninsula in victoria. How common are these and are there people that keep and breed them? I know the Melanistic blueys are kept but these are different and I have only recently found out they...
  38. S

    Vents for my DIY

    Hell All, I am building a 3 tier enclosure out of an old book case I picked up to be a bit of a feature in the lounge. First project so it is experimental, and I wouldn't call myself overly handy. Where do you guys get your vents from?
  39. ScalyMung

    Rosenburg hatchies

    Found These starting to hatch this morning 1 is out already and the other is still hatching still got a few more eggs to go so hopefully they will hatch as well Cheers Deano:lol:
  40. N

    polystyrene sheets

    Hey, I'm about to start my first background project and i was able to collect different pieces of polystyrene but i couldnt find any plain sheets. I looked for them online and they cost way more than i expected. I asked people and shops but all i could get were box pieces and packaging pieces...
  41. Gizmo101


    We all have hides in our reptiles enclosures and I thought I'd create a thread where the different types if hides that we create for our reptiles can be shared. Ranging from the pre bought ones, to home made hides. This enclosure I'm currently building was an old desk and I have kept the cd...
  42. M

    Small hide

    I didn't really like the look of the toilet roll as a hide so I made my own little hide. I just cut the bottom of a 1.25L water bottle off, burnt a small entrance in it, used some grout and covered it in that. So easy and cheap as chips. Hope this helps some people. Please leave any feedback...
  43. Ekans


    I was thinking about making a background for one of my enclosures, a 120cm long glass tank. At the moment it houses my water dragon. I have a question though, I don't want to apply the background directly to the glass so I will be making one that I can put in and take out. Has anyone worked with...
  44. S

    New Varanus varius aka "Lace Monitor"

    Hi there, here are a few pictures my my little guy/girl, approx 20-25cm. Enclosure Size: 120cm High x 70cm Wide x 44cm Deep.
  45. F

    Blue Tongue temps

    Hi, Just returned from QLD to VIC (1 week work), and my wife agreed to look after one of her work friends blue tongues while I was away...blueys been here (in Vic) for 5 days, and Im concerned about the setup...UV light, 60watt ceramic heat bulb on top of a 600 x 450 enclosure and food is...
  46. B

    Dragon ID

    Hi Guys. Work mate spotted this dragon recently around newcastle. Not something I'm familiar with. Any ideas.
  47. B

    Is This A Yellow Or Red Ackie?

    Hey guys new to this forum, title says it all just wondering if my 3-4 month year old ackie i bought a month ago from a reptile shop is a yellow or red? could someone who knows for sure please answer this. thanks :)
  48. H

    cold weather and ackies

    my ackie has slowed his eating habits dramatically I always thought this was because of the colder whether, he still only a Hatchie and only eats only 4-5days but I've kept the temps the same sine I got him and he used to eat every day. so is this normal for my ackie? P.S sorry for all the noob...
  49. G

    Eastern Water Dragon in our owrkshop

    Just wondering how we might lure him out. Still a young one, approx 300mmlong. We are heading off for a week on Sunday and don't want him trapped in there. We have a number of them living around our yard. :?
  50. K

    eastern water dragons

    Scientific Name Common Name Eastern water dragons Age 8 weeks Size Quantity Available 20 Bred By Me General Description I have 14 ewd all 100% healthy easy to look after All eating well 50 each or 2 for 80 Location Newcastle nsw Willing to Freight? At buyers expense Contact...