1. Camilaa.S

    How have you set up your water python’s enclosures?

    Hey all, I’m having a custom made enclosure made up for my new baby (not putting her in yet as she’s still small), but still having enclosure made for when she’s a bit bigger. How have you set up your enclosures? Photos would be super appreciated :)
  2. timothyng1998

    Boyd's Forest Dragon Setup Advice

    Looking at getting 3-4 boyd's forest dragon next year (1M : 2-3F) Want to know if a 1800 long x 800 deep x 900 tall enclosure will be better or a 1200 long x 800 deep x 1200 tall? I was thinking the 6ft long one might be better because i can fit a lot more vertical branches for them to get away...
  3. J

    Bioactive Set-up Help!

    Hi, I am upgrading my Robust Velvet Gecko set-up to a bioactive one, however as someone who isn't very familiar with plants I was wandering if anyone could recommend certain plants that would do well in these conditions; 80% humidity, average temp 28 degrees, the substrate will be a combination...
  4. E

    New Darwin python

    Hello! I’m looking to own a Darwin python (I have found my breeder) and I just want to get some suggestions for best substrates and best heat lamp/mat arrangements. I have read up a lot about each subject but I’m just not too sure what to do. I’m not too sure on what light set up to have. I’ve...
  5. Adipocere

    Repti-zoo thermostat control

    hi we have just gotten a repti-zoo thermostat to regulate the temperature. We have the heat lamp plugged into the thermostat. My question is how do we set it up to turn off and on when the temperature is right? It is the the dial one with the LED lights that are power and heat. Any advice would...
  6. Edward87

    Diamond python hide placement

    I just got 3 year old diamond python for my bigger enclosure and put my hatching back in smaller enclosure as it wasn't utilizing the big space for it. The enclosure is 4ft high 3ft long and 2feet deep my question is were to put the hide or hides as I've read they don't like hot temps for too...
  7. B

    Southern Brown Tree Frog Setup?

    Hi all, I am looking into getting a pair of brown tree frogs had some questions: How deep should the pond area be and how much of the base of the tank should it cover? Do you need a filter? I live in Melbourne would I need anything else like heating? If anyone had any photos of their setup or...
  8. Cjwooster

    Set Up Help

    Hey guys, I have a 900mm(W) x 400mm(H) x 400mm(D) enclosure that I am going to set up for my little woma python. He isn't ready to move out of the click clack yet, but it won't be too long now. How do I set this up? I was told to use a heat cord, what wattage heat cord do I use and how do I put...
  9. Cjwooster

    Woma Set Up

    I'm getting a woma hatchy, originally was going to get a black headed python but have since decided on the woma. Got the click clack ready to go, just waiting for a few things to arrive in the post to complete it. Once hes out of the click clack, he will be put in the appropriate size vivarium...
  10. Cjwooster

    Substrate Suggestions?

    I am looking for the best substrate I should put in a black headed python enclosure? Some breeder said to use shredded paper, but I have heard that isn't the best nor the safest to use (no idea why though?). Also what would the best substrate be for a click clack set up? I was going to use...